UK2 Recruiting for .Ninjas!

May 29th, 2014 by

Become a .ninja today!

Two years ago, the BBC reported that the age of the Ninja was over. The article stated that this was because the art of the ninja – ninjutsu – was dying out.

The BBC couldn’t have been more wrong. With the help of UK2, by the end of 2014, the ninja will be alive and high kicking in places from Tokyo to Tottenham. And that’s not because anyone is bringing back the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or making a sequel to Mortal Kombat.

The reason that the ninja is back with more of a vengence than it even had the first time, is because the new .ninja web address is now on sale.

This web address ending has been created so that website owners can let Internet users know that they’re masters of their arts – and not necessarily the dark arts either. Anyone with a specialist skill or an intense training in something can use a .ninja to emphasise the extent of their powers to the rest of the world.

Think you’re a killer web developer? Get the Lethal with a blender and icing? Get And so on.

To get your nunchucks around your own .ninja visit the UK2 website.


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