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November 1st, 2007 by

The UK2 website has come along way since we first started. I thought I would share how it has evolved over the years.

The first versions of the website were very simple, and very orange 🙂 This is how it looked back in 1999.

uk2 website in 1999

A year later and there was a lot more content, most of which is still orange, and even a winner of a Sega Dream Cast is announced by submitting a picture of themselves. We still actually have the pictures that were sent in, but I dont think I’ll post links to them 🙂

uk2 website in 2000

The next big change came a couple of years later when we started selling servers on a large scale, and also started selling Colo space.

uk2 website in 2002

We also started to count the amount of domains registered through us which you can see growning year by year in the top left of the website 🙂

In 2004 the site had a layout change, you can still see the good old yellow UK2 logo though. Also most of the links have been put in a simple list rather than lots and lots of orange blobs.

uk2 website in 2004

The site then didn’t really change for over a year, until around April 2006, when we change the layout completely, and we by the end of 2006 we had a new UK2 Logo, but still keeping the orange brand.

uk2 website in 2006

As you can see the website has come along way and has brought the company along with it.

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# 1st November, 2007

Ah yes, the Legacy pages of UK2. I have only looked at these pages in isolation never like this! UK2 has come along way, and we should give Esben a big pat on the back for making the UK2 website what it is today. 🙂

# 2nd November, 2007

Ah, I rememeber those days, more orange than a tango factory! I suspect Bo had a thing for orange.

The gameserver admin site was still orange till about a year ago when I finally bit the bullet and reskinned it.

I have to say without a doubt it’s much much better today.

# 3rd November, 2007

It’s kinda nice having been part of a company since the early days. Even tho I’ve still gotta defend it for some silly things. And only because I’m a believer in the little guy doing good! Well done to all at uk2, keep on working hard guys!

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