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And the story of “one million sold”…
The webdesign at has really gone through a lot of changes during the last year – but god knows it was needed. The old “design” had not been changed a whole lot since UK2 started trading online back in 1999.
We even changed the logo. Now that was a funny process as well. When presenting the new logo to the board I brought a whole bunch of different options, I think we made the right choice though – don’t you agree?

Our logo was made by the Danish design studio Matter – they are good guys, and we are pleased with the result. It was a long process, and we went through many styles before finally going with the current one.

This is how we looked less than a year ago. And at the design changes from way back in 1999 are available. How we managed to sell more than a million domain using that design is simply beyond my understanding, and it makes me wonder how much design actually matter 🙂

We more or less kept the original orange colour but everything else has been more or less changed.

When launching new designs or major changes we tend to check with tools like Crazyegg (this is how people click on our domainpage) and we are heavy users of both Instadia and Headlight from Traceworks.

Now that we have Nicola and her team in place, incl. two excellent designers, the process is a whole lot easier, and we are able to move fast when we get good ideas or input from clients and visitors.

I know that Nicola and her guys are working on new designs for our indexpages – so input on our current design is more than welcome.


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Hello UK2.0

The perfect web host?


Matthew Lanham
# 19th March, 2007

This brings back memories…..i can remember how used to operate all those years ago…those annoying pop ups on every domain name (well the free ones) i’m so glad they done away with that.

The way operates has changed drastically over the time i have known of them…

# 3rd July, 2011

Do you own a facebook page?I would like to “LIKE” it.

# 5th July, 2011

hi – our facebook page is:

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