is the biggest website in UK

May 5th, 2007 by

Earlier this week won the Hitwise award given to the most successful UK website within “Computers and Internet – Hosting and Domain Registration” category! .

Basically is the biggest website in UK measured on number of daily visitors. In fact we almost have double the traffic of number two on the list. And we have just begun, there are many cool new features and products on the way.

This is how we told the press:


UK2 Wins Hitwise UK Top 10 Award – January to March 2007’s website has ranked first in the Computers and Internet – Hosting and Domain Registration online industry based on the market share of UK visits it has received for January to March 2007.

The Hitwise UK Top 10 Awards Programme celebrates the most successful UK websites in 160+ online industries. As Hitwise reports on the anonymous online usage and search behaviour of more than 8.43 million UK Internet users—the largest online sample of its kind—this unique awards programme recognises excellence in online performance through public popularity.
UK2 is a leading supplier of domain name registration, web hosting, e-commerce solutions and dedicated servers to the SME and consumer markets.

Ditlev Bredahl said, “Our website’s popularity is a result of efforts over the last year to vastly improve our customer service by placing it at the centre of the business. Additionally we have changed our pricing structure and offerings to better reflect demand in the marketplace.”
“One of our most successful strategies has been implementing 24/7 live web support and a UK-based call centre. The ability to speak to someone and get an immediate solution to a problem immediate is proving invaluable to our customers.” Bredahl continued.
Hitwise UK said, “The online success of UK2 is a fantastic achievement. As Hitwise measures over 900,000 websites, being one of the most popular websites visited by UK Internet users demonstrates the strength of UK2’s online marketing success.”


UK2 is one of Britain’s biggest and most innovative hosting companies. With a comprehensive range of domain name registration, web hosting, e-commerce and dedicated server solutions, specialise in making it easier, quicker and much cheaper for any consumer, small or large business to have the online presence they need.

Hitwise is the leading online competitive intelligence service. Only Hitwise provides its 1,200 global clients with daily insights on how their customers interact with a broad range of competitive websites, and how their competitors use different tactics to attract online customers.
Since 1997, Hitwise has pioneered a unique, network-based approach to Internet measurement. Through relationships with ISPs around the world, Hitwise’s patented methodology captures the anonymous online usage, search, and conversion behaviour of 25 million Internet users. This unprecedented volume of Internet usage data is seamlessly integrated into our easy to use, web-based service, designed to help marketers better plan, implement, and report on a range of online marketing programs.
Hitwise is a privately held company headquartered in New York City and operates in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. More information about Hitwise is available at
For up to date analysis of online trends and statistics, please visit the Hitwise Intelligence Analyst Weblogs at and the Hitwise Data Center at


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Call center closed for Bank Holiday.

“You yanks need to look out!”


# 10th May, 2007

I’m shocked by the grammar of the MD ! (sorry Ditlev ..your probably a really nice guy 😉 ).

Ok, so I’m no English Professor (just an engineer to be exact), but from the first two posts I read, I spotted 2 blatently obvious gramattical mistakes, which I really wouldn’t have expected.

Anyway, maybe English isn’t the MD’s first language (or maybe he’s just way too busy and overworked) so he’s forgiven (and if he wants a quick grammar refresher course anytime, I’m always up for a beer 😛 ).

Some examples of what I mean:

“And we have just begun, there is (there ARE !) many cool new features and products on the way.”

“Yes, we haven’t been good at updating the blog the last ( FEW !) weeks – sorry – but since we launched the bogof campaign there haven’t ( there HASN’T !) really been time for anything else than setting up servers.”



# 10th May, 2007

Hi BB,
Thanks for your comment 🙂
Your corrections are duly noted and corrected.

As you may have guessed from my name, English is not my first language. I am born and raised in Denmark so English is something I’d had to learn over time. Danes are generally good at languages, and I speak French and German as well.
But yes, I guess I should have someone read my posts to “The Blob” before setting them live, but somehow that would take away the idea of having a blog.

Thanks again 🙂


# 17th May, 2007

Thanks for the reply.

I had a funny feeling that English wasn’t your first language. (Lovely place Denmark, ventured over there once).

Your English is very good though, considering you speak 4 languages !

Anyway ..your the boss, so your forgiven 😛

All the best,

~ Boxey.

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