UK2’s Coffee Morning For Macmillan

September 26th, 2014 by

Raising money for cancer care through rocky road and cupcakes…

This morning UK2 joined 152,000 other people in the UK to host a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

The bunting went up at 10am, the kettles were set to brew at 10.15am, and cakes were cut at 10.30am. The UK2 team, meanwhile, piled into the kitchen at 10.31am.


The tables were gridlocked with homemade treats, including brownies, cherry bakewell cookies, peanut butter and jam s’mores, banana and walnut cake, rocky road, almond, blackberry and chocolate cake, chocolate and blueberry cookies and fairy cakes.

But it was the Malteaser cake, baked by designer Aaron that sold-out first. Followed closely by SysAdmin Irfan’s cookies.

We raised more than £140 in less than 15 minutes. Macmillan will add the donations to a country-wide total, which they’re hoping will add up to more than £20 million this year.

So what does that mean in real terms? Well £20 million could pay a Macmillan nurse for 104,712 days. It could buy 392,156 liquidisers for people who can’t eat solid food. It could pay for 60,060 grants, which families affected with cancer can use to take short breaks to spend precious time together.

To find out more about our coffee morning, visit our Pinterest page.



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