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Fighting the post-Christmas bulge can be tough…

So Christmas has come to an end for another year. For some, that means breathing a sigh of relief after slaving away over a hot stove preparing an enormous Christmas feast. For others, the end of Christmas is a time for reflection on the year, wrapping up loose business ends and preparing for the year to come. For many, though, the end of Christmas means one thing: time to tackle that diet and fitness regime that an overdose on mince pies might have delayed a little.

The festive period is, for many, a time of overindulgence in food and drink. Stockings are often jam-packed with chocolate treats, and Christmas dinner itself can be tough on the waistline too, and that’s before the festive drinking. January has always been a popular month for detoxing and working on personal fitness, but does it last?

Research shows that the global health club industry is worth $78.17bn, although the number  of people actually putting their memberships to use is another matter entirely. While there are a recorded 4.5 million Brits with a gym membership, only 27% of gym members regularly use their membership, and it is during the months following January that New Year’s resolutions start to slip and we hang up our gym shoes.

There are plenty of options out there for upping your post-Christmas fitness, and sticking to a healthy and happy routine:

  1. The dreaded gym: Although statistics suggest that a large percentage of gym memberships are dormant, joining a gym could be the push you need to shift some of the post-Christmas bulge and get you up and running. Joining a gym close to your work or home will increase the likelihood of your regular membership use; there are a range of different gyms to suit different budgets. If you’re after some variety in your workout then a health and fitness club could be for you, with options to swim, gym and even play racket sports available in most luxury clubs. However, if you’re more focused on the gymnasium itself then there are plenty of budget gyms where you can personalise your package to work around your schedule. Shop around! The right one for you will never be far away.
  2. Take things outdoors: If you’re brave enough to face the bitter cold that January usually has to offer and are looking to keep your bank account in check after the expenses of Christmas, there is plenty of room in the great outdoors for you to get fit! Jogging in the mornings or evenings could be a great start or end to your day, and give you a chance to clear your mind of any of those business stresses which sometimes come with the new year. The great thing about working on your fitness outside of the gym is that you’re not restricted: the world is your playground. This gives you the opportunity to mix up your routine and try out different routes or areas to add a bit of variety into your program.
  3. Ditch the booze: January is a great time to detox. Cancer Research’s Dryathlon is a great cause to give up the drink for a ‘Dry January’, and you could raise money to help beat cancer. A time to focus on the year ahead, January is the perfect month for 31 hangover-free days, and the health benefits of a detox are plentiful. You’ll feel more relaxed, energetic and even your bank balance will look and feel healthier, freeing up some extra cash for the January sales (and maybe for that gym membership you’ve been putting off).
  4. Dance it off: If you’re lacking in the motivation needed to regularly go to the gym or peel yourself off the sofa to go out for a run, then why not sign up to a local fitness class? There are so many options out there to get fit whilst also having fun and socialising. You could even bring a few friends along to share the experience! Dance classes such as Zumba are popular among the ladies as they allow you to dance your way to better health.  Body sculpting classes such as Body Combat, Body Attack and Body Pump are a great option for getting the most out of your workout – you’re more likely to get the best workout from yourself if you’re in a room full of people in your situation!
  5. Document your experience: Why not set up a website to document your 2015 fitness journey with a .fitness domain name from UK2! Sharing your experience online will give you some much-needed motivation, and will give you something to look back on if you’re doubting your progress. A problem shared is a problem halved (or so my mum would tell you) and where better to share your journey than the Internet? You can create an environment for health kick tips, exercise workout programmes and delicious low-fat recipes to help others on their way to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Pick up your .fitness domain name from UK2 today, and get started on that New Year’s resolution.

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