Wales to get its own Top Level Domains

June 25th, 2013 by

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Regional TLDs have been around since the beginning of the world wide web, but until now UK businesses have only had the option of Soon though Welsh site owners may be able to show their national pride with a .wales or .cymru domain name.

With the impending opening up of custom TLDs by ICANN, Nominet have made an application on behalf of the Welsh Government for both .wales and .cymru to be added as geo-TLDs for Welsh customers, businesses and other organizations. They hope that the new domains will benefit tourism, culture and business by enhancing the Welsh brand both within and outside the country. By applying for both .wales and .cymru they hope to also promote the Welsh language.

The new Welsh domains could also have SEO value, as over time search algorithms could begin to prioritise those that use them in searches that conducted in Wales or that relate to Wales.

The new domains have not been confirmed yet, but Nominet believe they could be available as soon as early 2014. Check back for more news on these TLDs when we have it.

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