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January 17th, 2008 by

…It’s really not that hard to be honest!
If you are currently doing webdesign, IT consulting or have contacts to a lot of people through your professional or personal network, it might make sense for you to start making a profit from reselling web hosting – and by starting as a reseller its really not that hard.

The typical web hosting reseller might be a web design firm, web developer or systems integrator who offers web hosting as an add-on service. Reseller hosting is also an inexpensive way for web hosting entrepreneurs to start a company. Our reseller hosting plans allow resellers to create their own service plans and choose their own pricing structure.

Reseller hosting does not require extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of web hosting. If you choose to become a reseller of our hosting plans we would be responsible for maintaining network infrastructure and hardware, and we make sure the servers are updated and secure at all times. As a reseller you would be responsible for interfacing with your own customer base, but any hardware, software and connectivity problems are dealt with by us.

It will cost you $24.95 (Free Setup) to get started, thats less than £13 – and you will get quite a set of features for that price:
* 7 GB of Space
* 70 GB of Bandwidth
* Unlimited Domains & Accounts
* Free Custom DNS Servers
* Space & Bandwidth Overselling Allowed
* 24/7 Telephone & E-mail Support
* Cpanel & Web Host Manager
* Free Design & Billing Software
* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
* And much, much more…

To get started you should go to www.autica.com and sign up.
Autica is a part of the UK2 Group, and we guarantee that the quality of service is up to the same high standards that you know from UK2.

You could actually make quite a lot of money of this – We have put together the following example to demonstrate your possible earning potential as a web host. Because you will be selling different hosting packages to each customer, and charging different amounts, your earnings may vary. We provide our resellers with a suggested retail price for each hosting plan we offer for resell, but you may charge whatever you’d like to your customers.

The chart below is based on the following terms: Average Plan Price of £10.00.

EXAMPLE Profit Model:
100 Customers 100 x £10.00 = £1,000.00 / Month
200 Customers 200 x £10.00 = £2,000.00 / Month
300 Customers 300 x £10.00 = £3,000.00 / Month

You could easily run 100 clients of the account listed above, so, making £1,000/month could cost you less than £13 – again, to get started go to www.autica.com


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Barry Cooper
# 19th January, 2008

Hi Ditlev,

That looks good. What are your recommended prices? Can I apply my company brand to your product? How much control will we be given say on DNS management, transfer of domain names? In the affiliate program its easy to loose track of what is going on. A window in to key processes will be essential.

On a slightly different topic, i am an affiliate and have been with UK2 for a while so have the old control panel. My customers have been getting the new cPanel and I am a little jealous. Will older customers be getting an upgrade, as there are tools that I would like to have?

Thanks for your help


# 21st January, 2008

Hi Berry,
Thanks for your comment 🙂
This is quite a different setup from your current affiliate system. When a client signup from one of your affiliate links, we give you a one time payment, and then the client is a “UK2-client”. When reselling our services the clients will remain yours, and your clients would never have to know about UK2 or Autica (our resellerbrand).

So yes, it would be sold via your own brand, and the clients would be your clients, they would be paying you directly and you would be adding a lot of value to your long term profit of your company.
We give all our clients a free billing system they can use, we currently offer them a copy of the popular ‘Clientexec‘, but it is really up to you if you wish to use it. Most resellers already have an ongoing relationship with their clients, and would just charge them via their current systems.

Regarding the move from the ‘old’ system to our newer cpanel based setup – best thing for you to do is really to submit a ticket to sales via the support system. I doubt it would be a problem. We would not move your content, as any scripts you would be running currently would have to be reinstalled, and that would be quite a difficult thing for our staff to do, since they wouldn’t know your setup.
But you would probably be able to get an account, setup your content on it and then have the old one closed down.

Hope it works out 🙂


# 23rd January, 2008

Just a little update on the control panel subject – I have just heard that the tech team will come out with an automated migration tool that will enable you to move your account from our ‘old’ setup to the cpanel based setup just using a few clicks. I don’t have an ETA yet – but we will update the blog when released.


# 30th January, 2008

Hi Ditlev, am I restricted to .com domain names as a reseller with Autica or can I have .co.uk as well? Thanks, Sarahbee

# 3rd February, 2008

Hi Ditlev,

How does the reseller hosting compare to the business web hosting from uk2.net ? as you offer unlimited domains / sub domains with your business plan which you can host client websites on

Does this reseller plan from Autica offer the following features

SSH Access
PHP4 Support
PHP5 Support
Full Unix Shell
Crontab Access
Full CGI Access
Ruby On Rails
Canned CGI Scripts
Server Side Includes (SSI)

Free Domain WHOIS Privacy
Domains Hosted Unlimited
Subdomains Hosted Unlimited
Subversion Repository (SVN)
SSL Secure Server
Enhanced Web Security
i.e. enable the mod_security Apache module on any domain that you host

Daily Data Backups
Daily Access Statistics
Access to raw log files
Passworded Directories (.htaccess)
RealAudio and Video (http stream)
QuickTime Streaming


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