At War With The Pink Bunny

November 21st, 2014 by

The battle for the most risqué .london domain is on…

Throughout life, we all come face to face with the Playboy brand on some level. Starting out as a men’s lifestyle magazine, Playboy was first published in 1953, having been founded by the now (in)famous Hugh Hefner. Today, Playboy Enterprises, Inc. is a global empire, and there’s barely a soul around the world who hasn’t wondered just what lies beyond those gates in the Playboy Mansion.

That being said, Hugh and his bunnies are now coming to realise that just being Playboy won’t cut it in the Year Dot. Following the release of hundreds of new web extensions, .london went on sale last month with worldwide businesses grabbing a piece of affordable real estate in one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. And what did our friends at Playboy do? They missed the boat.

Registered trademarks received a three-month period of ‘grace’ as it were during which they could snap up their .london domain name before general sale. Top London presences such as Storm Models and Battersea Dogs Home secured their .london early on, and celebrated the general launch with our good selves and the Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

However, there was one lucky Londoner who didn’t bank on securing his .london. Michael Ross, director of CNM estates, considers himself to be a bit of a ‘man abound town’; a London playboy. He couldn’t believe his luck when his registration of playboy.london was successful.

The American magazine tycoons have demanded that Mr Ross transfers the domain name over to them immediately, claiming that the registration breaches trademark rights. Legal proceedings are expected to follow should the two parties fail to come to an amicable agreement. Ross argues that “Playboy is a word in the dictionary. If it was protected (he) would not have been able to register it”.

As the legalities progress, there’s certainly one lesson we can all take from Playboy’s error: securing important domain names should be top of any big (and small) business’ to-do list.

Get your .london domain name today.

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