We are getting a lot of mails today…

August 28th, 2007 by

Dear Friends,
As of Sunday, someone started to attack us. This is not your usual DDOS attack. Rather than using standard network flooding techniques, these guys are using email.

A normal day would see us receive about X million emails. Yesterday we received XX million. And if this keeps on it will be XXX million mails today alone. Because of the nature of their method it is very hard to counter without disrupting the service of customers.

We are working on a setup that will stop them and should have it under control in a few hours. Until then we will see an increase of spam and maybe some small delays, no serious delays beyond normal though. Obviously we do not like being under attack, but we are glad to see our system is coping pretty ok considering the beating its taking currently.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this means to you, and we will keep you up to date on the development.

Best regards,


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MIke Tye
# 28th August, 2007

it is good to know that the reason for UK2’s lack of response to support tickets has now been explained by Ditlev as being due to the Attack today on the system. If your overspill phone operator had told me this earlier today I would have been happier.But to discover the reason by chance does not make me happy, and would ask the question, just what is happening to simple customer relations, that is where we are not paying for dedicated support. I could go on but the point I am raising needs to be addressed at UK2, afte rall it was on my recommendation that I suggested my client use UK2, as I have had, up to now a good relationship with UK2, sorry for the gripe,

# 29th August, 2007

Thanks for letting us know before there was a possible problem Ditlev. Personally, I can handle having information like that, and I have no doubt that many others are like minded.

# 29th August, 2007

we kept on taking a seriuos hit all night and this morning it actuall seems that they have increased the attack even further. So far our systems are coping ok though.


# 29th August, 2007

Yes, its a bit hectic in here when under such a massive attack. If you are looking for an urgent response, you are always welcome to give us a call. Phones are a bit busy as well though – currently *Looking at phone system stats* there is one person in line that has been waiting for 58 seconds.
Hopefully this will be under control very soon – and by then our response times on tickets would be back to normal.


Michael Tye
# 30th August, 2007

thanks for personally finding time to respond to my concern; the matter was resolved yesterday by an very understanding “billings operator, Melissa,” who knew which key to press to get my FTP problem sorted.

Shashank Rana
# 5th September, 2007

To cope with such DDOS type attacks, services which eliminate spam at Protocol level may be used. These services have the capability to reject mails identified as spam at the protocol level so that the bandwidth and disk space can remain available for the genuine mails and service requests. Many ISPs have started to use such service to ensure that their customers can reach them comfortably and the telephone lines are free for really urgent matters.
Hope this helps in future.

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