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September 22nd, 2014 by

Could be this be the best web address since – that’s the first one ever, in case you were wondering.

This week saw the release of the newest web address endings to hit the Internet. Among them is .website.

.website has been created as a straighter-talking equivalent to .com and As if it was invented by Ronseal, it does exactly what is says on the tin – or after the dot at least.

This new address can be used for anything – business websites, blogs, online CVs, online shops, video streaming sites, and even quirky sites like

It can be used to set up a website from scratch, or used to complement an existing .com or website, to help reach a wider audience than before.

No matter what you use your website for, though, .website brings certain perks with it. These include…

Memorability: How many times have you seen a billboard or a TV ad and memorised most of the accompanying web address only to realise you’ve missed the ending. .coms, .co.uks and .nets are easily mistaken and this confusion acts as a roadblock in your web traffic’s journey to your site. .website is instantly recognisable because it’s completely unambiguous.

World Wide Reach: the word .website doesn’t come with any location-specific connotations. It places you as part of the digital world rather than anywhere specific. This is great for attracting an international audience.

Reputation: Keeping up to date with technology shows that you’re an individual or company that is at the cutting edge of what they do. Getting a .website web address will position you a thought-leader in your field.

Customizability:  You’re probably all too aware that the most descriptive and useful .com web addresses are all pretty much sold out by now. .website is brand new, giving you more of an opportunity to get the web address that fits your brand, business title, or personal name like a glove.

.website are now available to buy. To get yours visit the UK2 website.



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