The perfect web host?

March 19th, 2007 by

…What does it take?
I talk to many clients on a daily basis, some are new clients, some who has been with us for many years, and some who are about to leave us.

I always ask what they are looking for in a webhost, why they chose UK2, why they have stayed with us for such a long time, and in the case someone is leaving us, it’s naturally in my interest to find out why they would ever think of doing that 🙂

I thought I’d make a survey here, asking you guys what made you choose your current host – and what might make you move to another host…


Feel free to add comments below and let us know what would make a perfect webhost.


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The List Is Mighty

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Matthew Lanham
# 19th March, 2007

We have multiple servers with, and host hundreds of clients, for us, customer support is priority. We give our clients top notch support and therefore we need to work with companies who can offer us the same service.

You can host with a company who gives you 100% uptime, unlimited bandwidth, thousands of GB of space etc, but if something goes wrong and they are not there to support you all of that is irrelevant.

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