Whats on Your Ipod?

November 9th, 2007 by

As pretty much everybody in the UK, or it appears in London anyway, has some form of mp3 player it’s a common question to ask:

What’s on your Ipod?

Now before you hand across your Ipod, so your friends can scroll through your play list be very careful,  and I caution you to think what embarrassing things are there on my Ipod?  Yesterday one member of the UK2 team innocently handed across his Ipod to another team member to have a look at his play list.  Big mistake ….

It all started very well, a few songs were greeted with nodding approval, then suddenly laughter… Mariah Carey … followed by Beyonce and Shakira . Now one of those and you may have been able to recover the situation, but after all 3 it was a losing battle. Put it this way he is now our ‘Hero’ in the office,

This situation can also be replicated at house parties too. A few weeks ago I was at one, where a friend decided he was going to plug his Ipod into the stereo. Again all was well, latest ‘downs with the kids’ songs being played. Then out of nowhere The Time of Your Life from Dirty Dancing came on – really killed the mood and the guy spent the rest of the evening in the corner trying to explain himself to his friends.

The Ipod is a very personal thing. I think most people have the eye of the tiger on for those ‘workout moments’. Or the theme song from Top Gun or that learn to speak Italian in 48 hours.  But just be careful because those songs may have special meaning to you, it can be hard to explain to colleagues and friends….  Our Mariah fan in the office has now managed to ‘shake it off ‘ but I think he will be more reluctant to pass across his Ipod next time somebody asks “whats on your Ipod? ” 
Have a good weekend

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# 9th November, 2007

Haha – ok who was it? Name and shame James!

David Precious
# 10th November, 2007

What’s on my iPod? Dust at the moment, last time I tried to use it, it didn’t want to work 🙁

At least it was a freebie from the Walkers win an iPod competition, so not the end of the world! It was very handy to listen to on my way to work on the few days I was forced to endure going by train, but I’ve not yet found a pair of earphones that are comfortable under my motorcycle helmet, so it didn’t get used a huge amount anyway.

# 12th November, 2007

Nothing is on my ipod it died last week! 🙁 Fingers crossed I can find the receipt and get it fixed under warranty

# 19th November, 2007

Name and shame!

/me puts money on PaulM. 😀

# 28th November, 2007

/dispenses money to Ap0kalipse 😛

# 5th December, 2007

Paul M is officially our “Hero”

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