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November 23rd, 2007 by

There are loads of national days now – some being a lot more obscure than others!

Anton and I thought that we’d keep you up to date with some of the best 🙂

Take today for example, Friday 23rd November, it doesn’t really sound that special but guess what, it just happens to be ..

Eat A Cranberry Day
Providing great cardiovascular, immune system and anti-cancer benefits. But you may need more than one for any impact

Jukebox Day
Generally found in a pub, yey, let’s go and play some tunes!

National Flossing Day
Hmmm OK so it’s good for your teeth and gums, but urghhhhh

Turkey Leftovers Day and You’re Welcome Day
For our american colleagues following the festivities of Thanksgiving yesterday

And what about the weekend?

Saturday is …

Buy Nothing Day
Apparently it’s the day to not shop (is that physically possible?) prior to Shopping Reminder Day the day after

Espresso Day
For all you coffee lovers, go get your caffeine kick with pride

Guru Nanak’s Birthday
Born on 20th October 1469 in Punjab, India, he was the founder of Sikhism and the first of the ten Sikh Gurus

Sunday is:

Saint Catherine’s Day
Apparently there are seven, so not sure which gets the special day but if it is St. Catherine of Alexandria then legend has it that she was to be executed on a torturous device called a Breaking Wheel, which thereafter became known as the Catherine Wheel

Shopping Reminder Day
So after no shopping on Saturday it’s officialy a month to Christmas so start panicking. Get to the shops – go, go, go!

So there you have it, several reasons to celebrate, or maybe not! But at least you now know more useless facts 🙂

Have a great weekend


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Kiran - Web Dev.
# 23rd November, 2007

Hi Nicola,

Funny you mention all thouse… anyway it got me thinking… does UK2.net have a special celebration day every year? AND maybe have free hosting plans for year or so for the year 🙂

# 23rd November, 2007

Maybe we should have a birthday celebration, and have a special offer for that day only.

Leave it with me!

# 28th November, 2007

I think it should also be said that the month of November is National Mustache Month. I propose all UK2 staff grow or if you still have the face of a pre-teen boy comically adorn your face with the relevant coloured felt tip ink 🙂 Any takers?

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