What’s the Next Big Thing in Web Hosting?

March 27th, 2014 by


Introducing UK2’s read-all-about-it new control panel.

Google ‘chi’, and one of the first things your search engine will pull up is an article on Chinese chi. It’ll tell you that this type of chi is life force and energy. In a nutshell, it’s pep.

So it’s fitting that UK2’s new control panel shares the same name. UK2’s CHI has been created to breathe new life into the way you manage and administer your UK2 hosting products. It’s been created in-house to make sure your hosting interface has a ton more get-up-and-go.

CHI has been designed to streamline all the jobs you might need to do as far as domains and hosting are concerned. CHI is a single sign-on system, which means it gives you instant access to other handy tools that make web hosting easier, like cPanel and Stats2. No more plate spinning when it comes to passwords and log-in details then.

CHI also helps with the housekeeping. There’s an easy-to-find bell icon on the left hand side of the CHI homepage, which saves and stores any service emails sent to you by UK2, so they won’t get lost in your inbox.

On top of all this, CHI is a looker. A simple list of icons down the left hand side of the layout makes it easy for you to access your domains, shared hosting, website builder and cloud products, and your account details, as well.

The menu across the top of the page, meanwhile, literally spells out the places where you can do all of the following – buy new products, manage your existing ones, access DNS, use WHOIS, transfer domain names, access your VPN and dedicated servers, and add on extra services. Try saying all that without taking a breath!

Last but not least, CHI gives you a hotline to support. You can raise tickets requesting help and email the support team without leaving CHI.

If you’re a current customer, you’ll be acquainted with CHI in the next few months. You’ll get emails keeping you in the loop of when you’ll be able to get access to it. When the time comes, you’ll log-in to your UK2 account and the control panel will be waiting for you.

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