The dynamics of owning, running and optimizing a website have been drastically altered with the rise of Facebook, that’s not only diverting customer attention away from your business URL but also impacting your search results.

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Google has now reorganized its algorithm to data mine social media for both authenticated users (those signed in via Gmail) and anonymous users, while conversely Facebook allows businesses to create fan or business pages that create further Search Engine Optimization (SEO) opportunities.

This symbiotic feedback loop between Google and Facebook is both an opportunity and a threat. If you elect to not create a Facebook page you are essentially allowing your competition to get early traction on Facebook which could mean the difference between their website (or page) appearing on page 1 of Google search results for a primary keyword and not yours.

Further you are also missing a great opportunity to interact with your users directly through Facebook-as-a-conversation, which can be automatically be streamed back through to other social media such as Twitter and even your website!

For instance, you can include Facebook conversations (comments/posts) or pictures of your fans dynamically on your website using their pre-built widgets. Just slam the code into your WordPress or Joomla instance and you are good to go!

In fact, this last point is an example of a Facebook app, one of thousands, which is considered one of the great benefits of using this social platform.  It’s allowing businesses to re-invent themselves “interactively” by deploying apps that engage users in their content, both inside Facebook and externally.

This is also why Facebook revamped its programming model in 2011 to allow a new way to integrate an existing website into Facebook: iFrames.

An iFrame has been around for years in HTML (the syntax that drives the look-and-feel of a website).  The iFrame allows you to consume content from another website relatively painlessly.  But, even this great feature will take a wee amount of skill to set up in Facebook, sucking up valuable time –- time you should be spending on your customers.

That’s a key reason why UK2 took the step of building a custom application in your UK2 control panel.   After just a few clicks you can have your new (or current) website integrated into Facebook as an iFrame.

This means that when customers land on your Facebook business page they can interact with your existing website content and feel part of a broader, carefully branded experience.

Even more importantly, you are giving your website the best chance of showing up in Google rankings as the search giant factors in 500 million users who spend on average 8 hours per month inside Facebook.  This is 4x more than the time spent searching in Google or using Google apps. No wonder Google is worried!

If you are serious about generating leads and converting customers you should consider deploying a Facebook business page and integrating its functionality with your website.   It just makes sense!

Click here to integrate your UK2 Hosting with your Facebook Fan page.

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