Why Colocation and the Cloud can happily co-exist

June 20th, 2011 by

While cloud computing in the form of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or pure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) continues to dominate the headlines, colocation is still considered attractive to many large enterprises that seek hybrid solutions or require powerful dedicated servers to run giant complex, mission-critical databases such as Oracle.

Research Agencies, including Gartner Inc., report that in many instances the cloud is not replacing colocation but rather providing extra connectivity and firepower for front-end apps or Internet-styled software.

“Our e-commerce clients sometimes have encryption “black boxes” that only come as hardware, so sit in colo while everything else is in the cloud,” said Gartner.

For this reason, UK2 has gone to considerable lengths to provide a balanced portfolio of cloud, dedicated and colocation services to clients in the UK and abroad.

While the benefits of colocating your on-premise servers to a remote web hosting data center are broad, these are some of the principle reasons you should consider a colo:


Round-the-cloud control

Your servers sit in a sophisticated, mature data centers manned by highly skilled engineers 24/7, 365 days per year.   The ability to customize your configuration means you fully control the business result even though your servers do not reside at your physical business operation


Network availability and uptime

Most reputable web hosting companies will offer minute-by-minute monitoring while Cisco routers/switches, 40GB+ redundant fibre networks and VSS router configs ensure hardware ensure your data is permanently accessible at fast speeds.  Add in multiple transit providers and LINX 224 and 226 Connections offered by providers such as UK2 and you have a recipe for success

“Our Colocation DC utilise Cisco 6500 series Routers, with Cisco 4948, 2960G and 2950T switches. The 6500s are loaded with top end Supervisor engines and 10gigabit line cards. Feeding the 6500s are uplinks from Telehouse North and Interxion,” said UK2.



Access, monitoring and alarm systems are carefully coordinated to ensure servers are kept private, protected and safe.  Perimeter alarm systems and beam detectors circle your servers while restricted key card access ensure only screen personnel enter web hosting data centers.  Other features include pervasive CCTV recording all actions performed in the data center.



Configurations vary from host to host, but UK2 distinguishes itself by offering dedicated substations inside secure inner compounds with dual transformers.  Diesel Generators are primed for automatic switchover while 10 days of diesel fuel are maintained on site.  2MVAs of mains power keep the data center juiced.

Generally, hosts such as UK2 have built these customized data centers over long periods of time, giving them a strong competitive advantage over companies struggling with the daily demands of keeping servers up and running and toiling with legacy software upgrades.


The case for colocation

In the long run, a colocation footprint can minimize downtime and availability for your organization while the web host handles all the complexity.   This translates into reduced set-up fees and maintenance costs over the long-term.

Plus, because managed hosts such as UK2 offer a boutique of hosting services, including VPS, it is quite a simple manner to quickly deploy additional on-demand cloud services to drive new Internet-centric apps, especially in the e-commerce arena.


If your business is spending too much time focusing on maintaining and extending infrastructure on-premise it may be time to consider a blended colocation and cloud footprint at a remote web hosting company.


Guest Blogger: Jason Stevens from jason-stevens.com / Freelance web developer, tech writer and follower of cloud computing trends. Follow him on Twitter @_jason_stevens_

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# 27th June, 2011

Colocation is an attractive option in the right circumstances. It allows website owners to have control of their server while not having to host it at their own premises, and support is often available where necessary.

At the end of the day, the type of hosting needed varies a lot depending both on the type of website you have and personal preference.

Walter Scott
# 4th November, 2011

That’s right. Rather than suffer from overspending and be heavily laden by the responsibility, consider the cost-savings security and comfort that colocation services can provide.

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