Why I love London!

November 23rd, 2007 by

After reading some peoples responses to my last post “my top ten hates” I realise that many of my ‘hates’ as people pointed out are specific to London, but that is where I live so it does make sense.

I am sure if I lived somewhere else I could come up with my top ten hates for that place too, In fact when I lived in the suburbs I hated Sunday drives, dog owners letting their dogs c$%p everywhere and not tidying up after them. Anyway you get my point!

Getting back to why I love London. I felt that I should defend the city I live in, so I did a ‘top ten things I love about London’.

On a London forum I came across a ‘Things you love/hate about London post. Some of the comments were very funny and true, and some people just appeared to dislike London just for the sake of disliking it.

What this did make me realise is that all the things that I said I hated about London, help make it such a great city. If London didn’t have its extremes then yes it would be like any other city, full of museums and architecture. The point is London has all that and some!

I have lived in, and around London all my life, and have had the pleasure of seeing a lot of London, but even now there are places I haven’t been to and things I haven’t seen. Yes I will probably move away from London one day and go and experience somewhere else, but until that day I will continue to Love London.

So here are a few things that I love about London

1 – Getting lost in the crowd. Many People will say that they hate the busy streets of London, but I love them. I can become invisible in the crowd, to the point that when people I know see me and say my name, I don’t speak to them, not because I don’t want to, but because I am lost in this great place, taking in everything around me.

2 – There is always something new to discover, some hidden treasure that I am yet to see. Like in the summer when it’s so hot (yes it does get hot), and you just want to sit outside, you discover this oasis of green to call your own, to lie back on and enjoy the sunshine.

3 – The History. This goes with point two and three, I love going to Cities and getting lost in the history of the place, I can do that everyday in London. Next time you go to London, open your eyes and look around you.

4 – The amazing views, I love walking in London, especially when I am going home from work, and walk across London Bridge, it makes me smile every time I walk across that bridge.

5 – Public Transport when it works. I know everyone whinges about public transport in London, but it’s good enough to get me about, and unless there are delays, you will get to where you need to be. If I lived outside of London I would have to have a car, which is an annoying expense, and I would also have to get stuck in traffic jams which I loathe.

6 – Diversity, I love that there are so many cultures and religions in London that make it so special.

7 – The Shops, ok so it might be more expensive than some other places, but I don’t care, you can buy everything and anything in London.

8 – People watching. I am quiet a nosy person, and being in a busy city increases my nosiness. Next time you sit down to have a coffee, find a seat by a window and people watch!

9 – If I am hungry at 4am in the morning, I can go down to my local shop and buy some bread, milk and that morning’s paper.

10 – The Markets, Borough, Spitalfields, Smithfield’s, Greenwich, Portobello I love them all. There is nothing better than walking around a Market in London for a couple of hours enjoying the sites and sounds and smells.

Well that’s my ten, but there are plenty more. Please add what you love about London. And for all of you that still say London is not for you…..

Look again!

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# 28th November, 2007

“7 – The Shops, ok so it might be more expensive than some other places…..”

I was literally in a state of disbelief/shock/heart palpitations when i walked into the local Subways sandwich establishment and the chirpy man behind the counter informed me that the 1-4-3 (£1 for 3 cookies) deal was actually £1.20 in the Greater London area…. I beg your pardon sandwich patron! I shall not be paying the extra 20 pence just because you’ve decided to locate your franchise inside the M25 ring of unhappiness. Bah Humbug!

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