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Win Tickets To The Globe Theatre With Shaun The Sheep!

April 2nd, 2015 by

In celebration of our Shakespearean Shaun being let loose in the city, we’re giving away pairs of tickets to The Globe Theatre every week!

You might have heard us talking a little bit (OK, a lot) about a certain cartoon character of late. Shaun The Sheep, voted as Britain’s favourite cartoon character and famed worldwide for his mischievous cuteness, has stolen UK2’s heart, and it’s all for charity. Last week Shaun In The City was launched, and our Shakespearean Shaun titled ‘To Sheep Perchance To Dream’ was unveiled on the banks of the Thames outside the famous Globe Theatre for all to see. You can find out all about the Shaun In The City trail here.

Since finding out that our Shaun would be Shakespearean, we’ve come over all ‘to be or not to be’ and ‘wherefore art thou Romeo’. And so while the trail lasts (Shaun goes to auction to raise money for children’s hospitals after 25th May) we’re throwing a weekly competition over on our Twitter. Starting today (you can enter right now!) we’ll be posting our favourite Shakespeare quotes alongside some dashing photos of our lovely Shaun once a week, and all we need from you is the title of the play the quote is from.

UK2's Sponsored Shaun The Sheep outside The Globe Theatre in London

UK2’s Sponsored Shaun The Sheep outside The Globe Theatre in London

Each week, a winner will be chosen at random and receive two tickets to a production at The Globe Theatre in London, where you can experience Shakespeare at its finest. You can even snap a selfie with Shaun himself!

To enter the competition, simply Tweet us @UK2 with the name of the play from which we have taken the weekly quote and use the hashtag #UK2Shaun to make sure we see it. Competition closes at 5PM GMT weekly so we have time to pick our lucky winner.

So get scrubbing up on your knowledge of the comedy and the tragedy of The Bard himself, and head over to our Twitter right now to enter!

You can check out the terms and conditions of this competition here.

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