World Wide Web Creator is Top Over-50

August 19th, 2011 by

Photo: Uldis Bojārs

Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, has been named the top person over 50 by online community The website is devoted to lifestyle and culture for over-50s who believe that ‘old is good’.

The poll placed Tim Berners-Lee at number one, remarkably holding his own as the only scientist in the top 50. Actors Colin Firth and Hugh Grant filled out the other podium positions, with singer Nick Cave and artist Grayson Perry also featuring in the top 10.

Berners-Lee made the first proposal for the World Wide Web in 1989, envisioning a simple way to communicate and spread information on the Internet using hypertext. His vision and spark was a huge step in the progression towards the huge role that the Internet plays in modern society.

A longlist of 50 was decided by a panel, which was then whittled down to 10 and voted on by readers and on a YouGov poll.

Hats off then to Tim Berners-Lee for his incredible contribution to science and technology, and his continuing role as a source of inspiration for old and young alike.


You can see the complete list at

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