Would You Wear Google Glass?

February 21st, 2013 by

Google‘s latest project, Google Glass,  appears to be moving out of ‘project phase’ and into the next steps of production. But first Google are going to be launching the Explorer program which  allows the likes of us regular mortals the chance to apply for the chance to, wait for it, be lucky enough to win the chance to pay over $1500 for these gimmicky glasses.  If you are keen to get your hands on a pair then you can find out more about this contest here on the Google Glass website. It would be nice of Google to give some away for free don’t you think?

The glasses are packed with all the features you’d expect – built-in voice recognition, on-board, hands-free video recording, voice recognition, and photo and video capture, on-the-spot share-ability  helpful overlays like directions and built in search and translation – and to be honest the video below does make them look very cool indeed. I would love a pair but not sure about the heft price tag.

What about you? What do you think of them and would you wear them? Take a look at the video they have created and decide for yourself.

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