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May 10th, 2007 by

I read somewhere that Yahoo! plan to go carbon neutral this year, nice going guys! A few interesting facts:

Yahoo! going carbon neutral is equivalent to shutting off the electricity in all San Francisco homes for a month. Or, pulling nearly 25,000 cars off the road for a year.

Our (Yahoo!’s) recycling program keeps about 180,000 pounds of materials out of landfills each year.

Its something seen more and more in the hosting industry as well – should UK2 go that way as well? Would you be willing to pay extra for it?

Running a webhost is obviously leaving a nasty carbon footprint, a footprint that I for one would love to neutralise – the way most do it is by planting trees bring balance into the “eco-equation”. But the way I see it that doesn’t really make UK2 a greener company?

And while planting tree naturally wouldn’t harm anything, it seems that there is quite a few out there that does not think that is the way to move ahead…


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Matthew Lanham
# 11th May, 2007

I think it is definately something to consider, however i think it should not impact on the price on every server, perhaps you should consider saying

“Click here to donate £x to plant a tree that will counter the carbon footprint that your server will be making on the world”

This will not impact on your business model, and pricing, but push the responsibility on to the client themself.

Redwood Wilson
# 19th May, 2007

From what I understand the whole concept of “carbon footprints” is completely wrong and is based on wrong interpretations of the carbon / global warming correlation.
Tests were carried out on the polar ice caps and it was noticed that every time the earth temperature soared, so did the level of carbon in the atmosphere. However, the level of carbon in the atmosphere only rose AFTER the temperature rose. The temperatures have been rising because of changes in the sun activity. Carbon then rises as a result of the oceans overheating. High level scientists all over the world have categorically stated that the whole carbon issue is completely misguided because the results of the polar ice cap study have been misunderstood. Conspiracy theorists are stating that the whole carbon agenda is to prevent less industrial countries from developing. In any event, many companies are using this carbon appeal to look “greener”.

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