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The Yellow Brick Road Of Tweeters

October 16th, 2014 by

Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road…

Twitter’s great; on that we can all agree. It’s a great resource for entrepreneurs and startups, who can use it to get sound advice on their business ventures.

Hit ‘Follow’ on these five biz-guru accounts for the latest on marketing, business, and SEO…

Dedicated to dismantling the obstacles faced by start-ups and small businesses getting off the ground, the Connected Digital Economy Catapult aims to accelerate innovative digital products and ideas to market.

Building platforms for use by small and large businesses alike, the CDEC bring innovators together, providing them with useful data platforms and environments within which integration between businesses is enabled.

One of these environments is to be The Digital Catapult Centre, which launches in London in November. The centre promises to be an “exciting new space for technologists, creatives, businesses and academia to showcase their products and connect and collaborate”.

What to expect on their Twitter feed

Helpful info for all the digitally inclined! Expect all things #bigdata, #internetofthings and a large dollop of helpful info on upcoming events, openings and opportunities for small businesses and start-ups.


Powered by Google for entrepreneurs, Campus London is “seven floors dedicated to startup success”. Like the CDEC, Google Campus encourages businesses to collaborate and innovate together, through the provision of shared workspace, tailored events and, of course, a delicious café. 70,500 entrepreneurial enthusiasts attended Campus last year, sharing innovative ideas and working together to create a more digitally connected biz-land.

What to expect from their Twitter feed

Useful advice and tips for startups and young entrepreneurs, in addition to info about their upcoming events and tales of startup success. A sprinkling of inspirational quotes makes this feed a small-biz haven.



Jim Connolly writes one of the most widely read and highly esteemed marketing blogs that the web has to offer. Jim’s tips on optimizing your marketing reach could help your brand reach the far corners of the world, whether your biz is in the early stages or fully fledged. Jim’s Twitter feed is a mine of marketing info and tips; dedicated to helping you grow your business through boosting sales and profits, Jim is sure to give you a leg-up in bizland.

What to expect from their Twitter feed

Jim’s Twitter does what it says on the tin: marketing tips galore, along with a healthy dose of SEO news and advice for life online.


Perhaps an obvious addition to this list, Branson is a business tycoon whose advice and wisdom can benefit the individual, the brand, the corporation and its dog. London-born Branson, founder of Virgin Group, owns over 400 companies and has a 10-figure net worth (that’s a lot of 0’s), making him the quintessential entrepreneur.

What to expect from his Twitter feed

An insight into the world of the Branson: touching family photos, invaluable business advice and etiquette, and a glimpse at the world of one of the world’ most successful men.


As the director of marketing at the Content Marketing Institute, Cathy is the go-to person for all things marketing and all things content. When it comes to engaging with your audience, Cathy knows her stuff. Her digital marketing expertise make her the perfect follow for those with entrepreneurial aspirations; keep up to date with latest marketing trends to stay on top of your business game.

What to expect from her Twitter

Live updates on her day-to-day working life in the Content Marketing Institute: handy tips and reviews.


And for our final must-follow guru, we have to give a mention to @UK2 (we’re so modest!)


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