“You yanks need to look out!”

May 5th, 2007 by

Earlier this week I was interviewed by the US based website hostsearch.com.

They were very interested in our expansion into US, and wanted to hear more about how we could run a sustainable and profitable business at our pricelevel.

The last year we have seen an increase in the number of overseas clients, especially within our range of dedicated servers. Fact is that bandwidth prices in UK/EU are so much lower that we are able to sell servers quite below the marketlevel of US – even though powerprices are way higher here.

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Andrew Miller
# 7th May, 2007

That’s quite a turn around. Over the last few years, many UK customers have been flocking to the US for incredibly low price and insane bandwidth for the money.

Certainly with your dedicated servers offered 2TB per month now, it’s becoming quite competitive. Quite honestly though, that’s how it should be 🙂

# 15th June, 2007

I just got my dedicated server and its fantastic value. Plus, Debian 4! Very very pleased 🙂 Only have one question… did debian 4 come with mod_python as standard or did you guys just read my mind? 😉

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