Your favorite web scripts?

August 16th, 2007 by

I am trying to put together a Top10 list of the best scripts/webapplications right now, and I’d love to get your input!
With a script I mean web based solutions like WordPress, Joomla, PHPbb, etc – could be PHP/CGI/.NET/ASP/RoR based… Opensource and Commercial welcome.

What scripts have you found most useful during the last year?
Have you seen a script that amazed you?
What scripts have you installed during the last 12 months?

Post your input below.

Thanks for your help 🙂


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Your favourite scripts / web apps at PreshBlog
# 16th August, 2007

[…] UK2 asks "What scripts have you found most useful during the last year?" […]

# 16th August, 2007

Well, it has to be the good old formmail.php – where would we be without it?

# 16th August, 2007

true – formmail is a killer app. I remember when Matt’s formmail were the only one around – much has happened since then…

What I was looking for were more like end-2-end applications, and not utility like scripts…

Keep em’ coming 🙂


# 17th August, 2007

I have to say my fav app is phpBB2, and the upcoming phpBB3 is shaping up nicely. I’ve never needed or wanted all of the stuff that vbulletin offers, so it makes a great free alternative, one that I have been using for years.

# 17th August, 2007

Yes, I’ve always been crazy about phpbb – though they did take a dive when they had that security issue some time ago….

More more more input pls


# 18th August, 2007

I have a few of my own that i think are the best but then i would but by the far the best so far this year that i have made and now is all over the web is Peel Ads. The peel ad sits in the top right hand side and allows the user to pull the advert down to view the full advert. it works very well and gets a lot more clicks than a normall adverts

see it working

Tony Finn
# 19th August, 2007

I prefer Drupal and Icy Phoenix (how do you post links, do you just use HTML) Icy Phoenix is a forum system based on phpbb with more features (though not all of them work). Drupal is a CMS, it’s more complicated than Joomla so it may be harder to figure out.

Ole Bülow
# 20th August, 2007

Personally i freaking love WordPress :o)

Businesswise i must say:

sugarcrm and phplist


# 20th August, 2007

Thanks for your input – keep ’em coming 🙂

I’d never heard about Icy Phoenix before, but will give it a go.

Always liked Sugar. And James, I let you spam your own app here as its looking pretty good – we might even give it a try here at UK2 😉

keep ’em coming – keep ’em coming

Chris Wheeler
# 22nd August, 2007

This year, I’ve been mostly using PHPBB3 (the RC’s are working very well…), WordPress, and osCommerce – which it terms of code is terrible, but I can’t find anything better…

I’m not sure if it falls into your classification, but I’ve recently fallen in love with Smarty ( – and now use it for most small sites and bespoke systems. If anyone hasn’t tried it, give it a go!

Barry Cooper
# 23rd August, 2007

I have been using open source cms system. I like it because unlike a lot of these systems I can design what ever I like using HTML and CSS.

# 23rd August, 2007

Looks good Barry – anyone here with experience using Plone cms?

# 3rd September, 2007

I looked at plone once, but gave up on it. It’s used by a landesk community site, which I frequent on occasion.

# 5th September, 2007

WordPress and Joomla.

Any chance of getting Fantastico as part of Cpanel??