YouTube chases the silver screen

May 5th, 2011 by

With over 2 billion daily page views this popular video channel owned by Google is no longer passively accepting user-generated content – it’s also helping create it.

While it dismantles its former platform called Google Video, the search giant is now experimenting with new guerilla tactics to increase the quality of the content appearing on web screens.

The launch of Google TV now makes it a direct threat to traditional movie studios and television networks who are experimenting with their own new technology, including UltraViolet, a new type of digital movie locker.

Here are five YouTube apps, which highlight this trend, and may appeal to those of you with a hidden directorial bent or who simply wish to explore some of YouTube’s lesser-known features.

Otherwise, they are great for killing time and sure beat filling out online crossword puzzles.


1. YouTube Search Stories

You can create your own Search Story based on Google search actions. Forget screen-recording software. Instead, build your own search story around your domain or brand, referencing public material on Google Maps, Search, Images, Books and more.

This slick intuitive system allows you to associate music tracks and assemble a digital storyboard.  Okay, you may not win any awards but consider downloading the finished movie to your drive and making further enhancements in iMovie or Adobe Premiere. KISS is a wonderful concept.


2. YouTube is now Live

It had to happen.  YouTube now offers live streaming of popular events including concerts, sports events and interviews.  That means that all you “monarch wannabes” can catch the royal wedding live on the Royal Channel. Imagine the future where Fortune 500 companies and small businesses leverage YouTube to broadcast daily live news and technical feeds to over 2 billion viewers.


3. YouTube wants to sell your videos.

Well, lets qualify that statement. If your YouTube videos are original (no exceptions) and you post videos on a regular basis with pages views exceeding 10,000 page views (roughly) you may be eligible for their Partner Program which allows you to monetize and track film content. Your film could end up on the YouTube Store, which gets exposed to a huge audience. Still not convinced? Check out these success stories to fire up some enthusiasm for your future independent filmmaking career.


4. YouTube now has a school for filmmakers

The name of this Spielberg-cloning factory is called The YouTube Creator Institute which allows you to earn a free U.S. summer education at one of two leading film schools: USC School of Cinematicats or Columbia College of Chicago.

“Earn a paid Creator Institute experience including: tuition, round-trip airfare, food and rooming costs,” says YouTube.

Why are they doing this? Well, they want original content of course so they can compete against Universal Studios and Disney.   To see if you qualify go here.


5. YouTube wants to know more about itself (and you!)

Since Google owns both YouTube and Google Analytics it comes as no surprise that the red, white and black channel has a special section of its site dedicated to daily stats, trends and video insights. YouTube Trends zeros in on patterns that may interest, incite or provoke further thoughts about uploaded content. This includes rival wedding clips to T-Mobile’s “Royal Wedding” promotion, which became the most-viewed YouTube video in the UK recently.  The site even has a dashboard, which allows you to filter and compare results.


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