YouTube Creates a Buzz with the Vuvuzela

June 24th, 2010 by

YouTube have officially added the much talked about Vuvuzela to their video window. Good news for some and bad news for most but whatever your opinion it is, it’s here to stay.

The Vuvuzela, a long plastic horn synonymous with the South Africa Premier League, has been mentioned and heard throughout the current World Cup Finals. The horn itself makes a monotone buzzing sound that can be heard for miles around, it’s extremely loud and to most of us watching the games on TV it has also become rather annoying.

It has been the cause of much debate between football pundits, football stars and spectators the world over and calls for it to banned have been flooding in from all over. South African’s and Sepp Blatter, President of FIFA, have stood firmly by the Vuvuzela saying that it’s part of African football heritage and the horns will be blown for the duration of the World Cup, also saying that it is one of the things that will be remembered in many years to come as being part of the first ever African World Cup.

I say put a stop to the buzz. But first, stop football players from diving and lastly pick up a Vuvuzela, lick your lips and give it one almighty blow. After all, you cannot knock it until you’ve tried it.

The Vuvuzela button is the small football icon in the right-hand corner. Go on. Give it a buzz.


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# 5th July, 2010

More buzz. from Vuvuzela when I watch TV

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