Premium Backup from UK2

Relax! With Premium Backup your data is protected.

Premium Backup is the latest and most high-tech backup service available today. It gives you access to daily, weekly and monthly copies across the whole of your website.

The backup procedure itself is fully automated and you have full access to restore these incremental backups anytime you choose.
Get Premium Backup now!


Why do I need Premium Backup?

  • Most service providers will backup their server infrastructure. This means that if there is a server hard disk crash, the provider will be able to restore the entire server. But what if you delete a single file that you desperately need to restore? Unless you have a local backup copy on your home or work PC, the file will be lost forever.

  • With Premium backup you can have daily, weekly and monthly backup of your entire site or databases. This means you can restore a single file or the entire site at any time you choose. You don't even need to call us to do the restore; everything is done through your Premium Backup control panel.

Other Premium Backup Benefits

Aside from the amazing features available, the main benefit is the price.  Premium backup is available for just £1 per month.  No doubt your data is worth far more than a mere £12 per year!

  • Full backup in minutes
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • First and only Continuous Data Protection for Linux
  • Point-in-time snapshots protect open files
  • Only £1 a month

How do I purchase Premium Backup?

Buying Premium Backup is simple!

Log in to your UK2 Control Panel and click on the Upgrade Services tab.  Select the domain which needs Premium Backup and follow the instructions.

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