CES 2015: Autonomous Cars Steal The Show

15th January, 2015 by

We’ve notched up a lengthy wish list following last week’s Consumer Electronics Show…

Last week’s Consumer Electronics Show made everyone at the UK2 office heave a collective sigh of longing as we watched from afar while this year’s technological delights were unveiled. There seems to be something for everyone in the techie pipeline at present, so we all found something to pop on our Christmas wish list for later in the year.

Pretty much everyone in the office has been following the wearable tech trend as it develops and brings us new delights, and as was to be expected we weren’t disappointed by the wares on display at the CES. The show was flooded with smartwatches which we’ve been interested in since Apple gave us an elusive ‘sometime in 2015′ release date. Our favourite from this year’s show is Withings’ Activité Pop, the self-confessed “smartwatch you’ll actually want to wear”. The device tracks your activity without compromising on looks or quality; many smartwatches lack a rounded watch face. At just £119, it doesn’t break the bank either.


After the GoPro sent the adventurists of the world into a video frenzy, it was likely that others would follow in their footsteps. The Sony 4K Action Cam is built to withstand the elements, allowing underwater shoots at up to 10 metres. 4K seems to be a TV and video buzzword (or buzz-number-and-letter?) at the moment, leaving the HD era behind in a box at some CES from a few years ago. The 4K image quality of the Sony 4K Action Cam means that “your adventures are just as thrilling on screen as in real life”. I’d like two.

Many of us are spending our lives on the go, with a need to remain connected, and there are some among us who have our eye on the Parrot RNB 6. Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Parrot RNB 6 is making the dashboard smarter, and is accessible to any passenger, be they an Android or Apple user. Parrot has maps, the ability to stream video from any front and rear cameras, and is voice-controlled to allow you to keep your hands right where they should remain: on the wheel. That is, of course, unless you have one of the machines on wheels that I’m about to gush over below…


Autonomous vehicles have been threatening to hit our highways for quite some time. The BBC reported last year that by January 2015 (right about now) we would be seeing self-driving cars whizzing up and down our roads, and they could yet be right. Four British cities are set to trial the tech this month, then gauge public response and find out just how well it could fit into modern society.

An army of self-driving cars last week descended on the CES. A fully autonomous Audi A7, nicknamed Jack, drove 500 miles from Palo Alto to Las Vegas for the event. Writing for Wired.com, Alex Davies – who ‘rode’ the car to the CES – described how “the computers that allow the car to analyse the road, choose the optimal path and stick to it fit neatly in the [boot].” He went on to say that the car is “remarkably smooth, maintaining a safe following distance, making smooth lane changes, and politely moving to the left to pass slower vehicles controlled by carbon-based lifeforms” (I enjoy his writing style).


Another self-driving vision of the future which gave itself a lift to the show was the Mercedes-Benz offering: the F 015 Luxury in Motion concept car. Looking like it’s rolled straight out of the year 3000, the F 015 gives us all a glimpse of the modern luxury of the future… On wheels. The four-seater car/space ship is built for comfort; the front seats move 180 degrees to face the rear for a roomy and comfortable lounging experience.

Mercedes-Benz F015 - Luxury in Motion



Just one more pic of this one (it’s getting me way too excited for the future)…


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