Decode your Doodles

7th March, 2014 by


The charity Epilepsy Action has declared today National Doodle Day. But what do your doodles say about you?

Ever looked down at your notepad after an hour-long meeting and wondered how those etchings appeared on the page? We usually doodle without even thinking about it. And, according to psychologists, this is hugely significant. Why? Because what we do when we’re not thinking says a lot about who we are. Use our doodle deciphering guide to crack the code behind your scribbles…

First of all, look at exactly what you have drawn – is it a shape, a symbol, a figure? This speaks volumes about our character or state of mind. 

Circle – Associated with a desire to be sociable and talkative.
Square – Masculinity.
– A rational and logical mind.
– Love (no surprises there!)
Tree – Ego. A healthy, leafy tree is good news, but a bare, sad-looking tree hints at low self-esteem or sadness. And those with no roots? These ones suggest a feeling of not belonging.
Flower – Femininity and creativity.
Ladder – Goal-oriented.
A plain house with no proper detail can symbolise loneliness.
Box Practicality.
Dots – In groups, these can symbolise anxiety or nervousness.
A cute animal
– Optimism, feeling excited about or looking towards something.
Face – A good indication of a person’s mood, depending on the expression given to it.
Eyes – Big, open eyes are associated with being outgoing, while smaller eyes indicate a more reserved personality.

Next, check out the colour of your doodle. Ok, so you’re not likely to have a box of crayons on hand every time you’re scribbling, but if you have injected some colour into your drawing, here’s what it could mean.

Is your doodle red? Red is connected with strong feelings, like those of anger, love and hate.

If you’ve drawn something pink, you’re likely to be feeling sensitive or compassionate.

Blue doodles signify peace and spirituality.

If your drawing is green, you may well be going through a period of change or growth.

Watch out if you’ve drawn something yellow or orange. The former could signal fear, while the latter might hint at a desire for power or an unsettled mind.

Black doodles could signpost feelings of gloominess.

From here, check out the pressure of any shading.

Dark shading, areas where the pen or pencil has been used with a lot of force can indicate worry or frustration. It could also point towards positive high energy, though.
Shading that appears to have materialised with a light pressure could indicate a feeling of sensitivity.

If your shading looks to have been given a medium amount of pressure, you’re likely to be feeling well-balanced and centred.

Also, take note of the location of your doodle.

Is it smack bang in the middle of the page? You’re likely to be an extrovert at heart, or feeling especially bold.
To the left?
You could be living in or being drawn to past events, feeling sensitive, or fear being exposed in some way.
doodles are linked to an enthusiastic or spiritual state of mind.

Lastly, are your doodles a little bit wild or all over the place?

You’re probably bored, feeling impatient, or carrying a strong desire to act out or rebel.

So how do your scribbles stack up? Analyse yours with these tips and let us know. Are you a goal-oriented extrovert or a sensitive, creative soul?

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