Don’t Forget Pinterest! Why Your Marketing Strategy Should Include Visual Content

20th August, 2018 by

Did you know that 60% of marketers claim that visual content is absolutely imperative to their marketing strategy? However, almost 32% of these same marketers said that 0-10% of their budget is actually dedicated to visual content.

These statistics show a growing issue in marketing where we all agree that visual marketing is important, but we aren’t dedicating appropriate resources to cultivating images, video and infographics. 90% of the information entering the brain is visual, so it’s up to us to take full advantage of this.

Below you will find 10 tips to help ensure that you are dedicating just the right amount of time, money and effort into aesthetically pleasing visual content:

Tip #1. Optimise!

If you are administering a busy, successful website then website speed is most likely a major concern. Optimising all of the images, video, infographics, screenshots and presentations on your website can help you make the most of visual content without letting it weigh your site down.  

Tip #2. Emulate!

It can be tough to know exactly how to make the most of visual content. One easy way to get started is by paying attention to what catches your eye as you browse the internet or scroll through your news feeds. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so step up your game by applying your favourite marketing trends to your own marketing strategy.

Tip #3. Only publish the best.

Half-measures and all that, but in reality, there is nothing worse than bad visual content. It’s more than acceptable to cut back on the amount of content in order to accommodate and provide better quality. Stock images are great, but make sure that they are as original as possible and that you try to use them in new creative ways.

Tip #4. Know your audience.

Did you know that 40% of Pinterest users have a household income of over $100k (that’s £76k) while Instagram only has a small fraction of users who fit into the same income category? Knowing who you are talking to on each platform can help you tailor your message to audiences.

Tip #5. Always include white space.

Great visual content is only great if there is something to contrast against it. Overloading your website with video and images does more harm than good. Keep in mind that less is more, and bright colours and fonts should be used sparingly.

Tip #6. Don’t be afraid of originality.

If you know that you have an exciting idea for content but haven’t seen it done before – go for it! You can always change your mind later. Try out some A/B testing to see what your site visitors prefer. It’s worth going out on a limb if every once in a while you find a real winning idea.

Tip #7. Don’t forget screenshots.

This tip is especially true for marketers who rely on education-based marketing. Videos and screenshots are very helpful when creating how-to posts or anything knowledge based. Content that also informs your audience is a great type of evergreen content that adds value to your business.

Tip #8. Always include a visual.

Whether it’s a social media post, blog post or email, always include some imagery in your content. Feel free to use more than one, but always include at least one type of visual. Large groupings of text have a magical way of being ignored by the masses, so eye-catching visual content is a must-have.

Tip #9. Incorporate your brand.

Whenever possible try to include your brand image, logo or colours. Most likely, not every image, video or slide will be attributed to your company, but if at all possible take the time to promote brand recognition in any way that you can.

Tip #10. Don’t forget video.

The tips above also apply to video, but this particular tip is to remind you to invest in video. It might seem strange and new, but marketing that includes video is shared more, liked more and adds more value than text-only content. Remember to pair your video with additional text, but don’t be surprised when the video gets much more interest than the text-based content.

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