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14th March, 2013 by

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Firefox browser is a free and open source web browser developed for Linux, Microsoft Windows and OS X. Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Corporation coordinate the web browser development. According to a recent report released by Net Applications titled Desktop Browser Market Share, Firefox boasts about 24% of global market share for web browsers. Furthermore, according to Mozilla, Firefox’s global usage share of web browsers is pegged at 450 million making it the second most widely used web browser.

To keep in touch with internet users’ changing browser needs and stay ahead of the pack, Firefox periodically launches new versions – the latest being Firefox 19 – that come with innovative new features.

Some of the latest features of Firefox browser include:

1. Social API

Social API is simply an application-programming interface that allows developers to code connections to social media sites into the browser. For starters the API results in a display sidebar that shows social media chat sessions and updates. Additional tools include message notifications and friend requests that can be accessed via the new icons on the browser’s tool bar.

2. Click-to-play

In an effort to protect users from internet security breaches, this new security feature automatically bars outdated versions of common web browser plugins – Oracle’s Java, Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe’s Flash Player – from executing content. Click-to-play blocks content from running in plugins Firefox views as unsafe or outdated.

3. Customised Interface

Mozilla Firefox offers numerous add-ons for customising tab behavior and appearance. Though add-ons are ultimately the cornerstone of customisation, there are other features that can be deployed to customise Firefox to suit one’s own style. These include changing tool bar preference, style and shapes of navigational buttons, themes, and text fonts. Other latest customisation features include the panorama tab organiser, live bookmarking, geo-location browsing and incremental find.

4. Sync

The Sync feature enables the user to seamlessly connect the browser to the desktop, allowing easy access to browsing history, passwords, open tabs and bookmarks. This feature allows one to access desktop browsing history and passwords from the first day he/she installed the browser.

5. IonMonkey JavaScript

Mozilla Firefox 18 launched IonMonkey JavaScript compiler that replaced the TracerMonkey offering enhanced web app performance. This new standard supports feature packed browsing and other web browsing capabilities without experiencing any technical glitches.

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