I Registered A Domain! Now What?

13th March, 2019 by

Congratulations! You’ve just purchased a domain, meaning you now have an address for your website. The only problem is, where do you go from here? You know you need to create a website. However, it sometimes seems that the more you research building a website, the more confused you become.

In this article, we will cover your options for building a website, as well as feature some helpful platforms that can get you online in minutes. Note that for the purposes of this article, we will assume that you are planning to build a website yourself, without an expensive development team.

Options for creating your new website

After purchasing a domain from UK2.NET, you have a few options for creating a website. Each option requires very little technical experience and is a lot cheaper than hiring a website designer. See our three favourite options below:


Perfect for brick-and-mortar retailers and restaurants, or for users who prefer a single-page website.

You may not be looking to set up a website with lots of pages. Instead, you may only need a single web page for others to search out information about you, for example, if you own a retail shop or if you would like to publish your CV online. StarterSite website is the perfect way to accomplish this goal. Even better, the StarterSite tool comes free with each domain registered with UK2.NET.

StarterSite can help you create a web page in minutes. Simply choose a few images, enter the necessary contact information, link to your social media accounts, and press Publish. Your business or personal contact information can be online and ready for views in no time at all. Learn more about StarterSite on the UK2.NET website by clicking here.  

Website Builder

Perfect for visual websites and ecommerce shops.

Our Website Builder tool is perfect for online beginners as well as for those who do not wish to invest a lot of time on their website. Simply choose your favourite look from the 100+ options available, then drag and drop your website elements into place. If you are looking to build an online shop, you can quickly add a shopping cart feature.

Website Builder’s dynamic functionality lets you control the appearance of your website. Whether you favour a clean, simple look or if you are looking to add multiple image galleries, Website Builder can quickly help you get your vision uploaded online. Learn more about the Website Builder tool on our website by clicking here.


Perfect for anyone and everyone.

The WordPress platform is easily one of the most popular methods for getting your website online. Estimates claim that more than 75 million websites are currently using WordPress. From blogs to ecommerce stores and news sites to video repositories, WordPress has it covered.
You may be wondering what makes WordPress so great. A significant aspect of the platform’s greatness comes from its open source nature. WordPress code has always been available to developers. So, from this original code has sprung thousands of helpful tools, called widgets, and beautiful themes to help make your website a success. To learn more about the power of WordPress visit our website here.

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Start building your successful website today with a little help from UK2.NET.