How can affiliates promote UK2.NET using Real Time Bidding (RTB)?

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In the world’s big agencies, millions are spent on display advertising. The huge volumes of traffic are driven by direct media buys and RTB

You used to need big bucks to get started but the last 2 years have seen a dramatic shift and now the entry into scalable, targeted huge traffic networks has become almost childs’ play with so many self-serve opportunities.

It’s the biggest deal to happen  in the media industry in years and savvy affiliates are already driving plenty of traffic and entry cost is very  low.

RTB growth in the US

RTB growth in the US

What is Real Time Bidding?

Real time bidding is a method that allows you to more precisely control your ad spend, your buy, and your targeting. Commonly referred to as RTB, it’s been the standard in search ads since the beginning. It works similarly in display ads and in search advertising. Your ads can be hyper-targeted to a specific audience. You can determine exactly how much you want to spend. You can see individual opportunities too. Never before has display advertising offered this level of control and targeting.

How Does It Benefit You?

As an affiliate marketer, you’re working to bring traffic and earn your commission. The most successful affiliates rely on paid traffic not SEO and with Google’s Panda 24 update , there will be more affiliates moving into the RTB space.

Real Time Benefits

1)      Hyper-targeting eliminates unproductive impressions. Only the people who are most likely to convert are going to see your ad in the first place. You’re less likely to waste impressions.

2)      Granular control over spend – You can “fine tune” your bids in real time and since you’re paying per individual impression, you’re able to fine-tune your budget like never before. You control exactly how much you spend overall and exactly how much you spend based on the individual profile of the people you’re targeting.

3)      Go beyond Google’s reach (Way beyond!) – Google’s Display Network can be useful, but it also has its limitations. With real time bidding, you can step outside of those relatively narrow confines. You don’t have to worry about quality score or approval, and paying over the odds for clicks.

4)      Determine your ROI more exactly than ever before – Never before have display marketers been able to so exactly calculate what we’re getting back for our spend. Real time bidding lets us calculate cost per conversion much more exactly, helping us plan better and see better returns in the long run.

5)      Bigger data means more improvement – Because we’re targeting and spending more carefully, we reap the reward with better data. RTB makes it easier to see what’s going wrong, what’s going right, and adjust accordingly and build a more profitable business.

Getting Started

UK2.NET is part of the UK2 Group and when you sign up here, you will be able to promote any brand you like. With UK2.NET we pay up to 60% commission so you can be sure, however large the order you are rewarded appropriately.

Have a look at some of the different RTB tools and decide which you want to work with.

Rocketfuel ( ) This is a good tool for higher end advertisers who are willing and able to spend more for the best technology. Rocketfuel’s platform goes well beyond just real time bidding. It includes additional intelligence and data management that power users will love.

SiteScout ( Well recognised self serve platform which has just started running webinars and training on it’s blog.

Clickcertain ( Currently in Beta and therefore invite only. When it comes out, it promises to be a powerful traffic tool for real time bidding.

E:BDR  ( A good tool for anyone looking to get started in the space. It has an exclusive network and is extensively performance-oriented. Competitive pricing options makes EBDR a strong choice.

Human Demand ( – A premier Mobile RTB which gives you access to Mobile networks such as Smaato and Nexage and lots of others.

Sign up now to get access to all our banners. If you are going to be running some campaigns and you would like extra banners or have any questions please  Skype to

Here is to your success in 2013!

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