The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions on Web Hosting

17th April, 2017 by

To an IT newcomer, hosting a website can seem like a complex process, yet the reality is far simpler than you might expect.

Here, we answer ten of the most frequently asked questions on web hosting for beginners:


  1. What is website hosting? Web hosting for beginners usually involves storing basic website content (like photos and page designs) on a publicly accessible server with high-speed internet connections. This server will be owned and maintained by specialists like UK2.
  2. What’s shared hosting? Shared hosting occurs when one of the servers described above hosts several different websites simultaneously. This is a cost-effective method of web hosting for beginners, since each site is completely independent without needing dedicated hardware.
  3. Will the contents of my website be safe wherever it’s stored? Yes. The site will always be visible to the public, and servers are automatically backed up so data can’t be lost or accidentally deleted. Servers are housed in secure, temperature-controlled data centres supervised by IT professionals.
  4. How do I make a website look equally good on big or small screens? Complex websites need sophisticated solutions, but in terms of web hosting for beginners, the best option is a responsive site framework. The page layout automatically adjusts to suit different screen sizes, so a full-width menu might become a smaller drop-down one instead.
  5. How do I choose a suitable address for the site? Each website has a unique address chosen by its owner. However, many addresses have already been reserved and used. Your site name should be easy to spell and pronounce, with relevance to your business or local area.
  6. What is a top level domain, and why is it important? The final part of a website is the top level domain, or TLD. The most popular one is .com, which identifies a company. There are national TLDs, industry-specific ones and quirky options like .biz or .me.
  7. What will the site be able to do? Whatever you want! Modern websites are incredibly versatile: you can accept sales and take payments, host documents that can be read or downloaded, update content on a daily basis, or interact with customers through live chat facilities.
  8. Do I need to maintain the site once I’ve launched it? The company hosting your site will handle technical responsibilities, but it’s advisable to regularly update and refresh written content. This is typically handled through a website interface called a Content Management System, or CMS, and it’s as easy as word processing.
  9. How will people find my new website? Most people find websites through search engines like Google and Bing, which rank sites in order of perceived relevance for different search terms. You can improve your site’s ranking with regular updates, fast-loading pages, plenty of text and relevant page titles.
  10. Which company should I use for all this? Us, of course! UK2 can host websites for just £1 per month, and we make the process of registering a new website domain child’s play. We stick to plain English, we’re always here for advice, and we can help you build a new website from nothing more than an idea…


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