UK2’s 2015 In Review

7th December, 2015 by

It’s been a busy old year in the online sphere…

As we head towards the holiday season, it seems hard to believe that we’ve arrived at December finally. 2016 is just around the corner though, and we’re sure there are a lot of exciting happenings in store for us all in the new year.

So what did 2015 bring to the table?

.com turned 30!

It’s been a busy old year in the online world, with a few milestone birthdays, some huge profits and plenty of arguing – and that’s just the domain names! Yes, .com celebrated its 30th birthday in March of this year and we took a closer look at its legacy, from the very first ever .com domain name ( to the more contemporary big names in the .com universe, such as, and

We became SEO Gurus!

Our brand new Website SEO Guru brought our search engine optimisation skills to our customers. Through this software you can receive a completely free report on your website’s search engine optimisation performance, followed by optional walk-through guides on how to improve aspects of your website which are pulling your ranking down. There’s no technical knowledge required to get started, so head over to our website to take your free report now!

Google had a makeover!

Google has been through several changes this year, the largest of which has been the introduction of its newborn parent company Alphabet. This was big news for us as the search giant opted to house its new company under a generic top level domain (gTLD):! This in turn brought unprecedented exposure to the alternative web address endings available to register online, and saw a huge surge in purchases! Alphabet is to take control of Google’s non-search related endeavours so it can get back to doing what it does best: helping us search the ‘net with ease.

UK2 continued our collaboration with Barnardo’s and Raspberry Pi.

Throughout the past year we have been working in close collaboration to bring technical skills and brighter opportunities to the underprivileged youth of our local area: London’s Borough of Tower Hamlets. Our friends at Barnardo’s and Raspberry Pi have been conducting a programme wherein young people are able to learn valuable skills such as coding in a supportive environment. We are offering work experience to these young people with UK2 once they complete their studies, the aim being to give them an opportunity to apply their new skills in real life, gaining some valuable experience.

Generation Z took over.

This year saw the emergence of a new demographic: Generation Z. These teens have ousted the Millennials as the target of many businesses, and they’ve got different consumer values entirely to their predecessors. Generation Z have lived their lives entirely online, unlike the Millennial generation who remember a time before unlimited connectivity. That doesn’t mean that they’re not environmentally conscious though, as they have been proven to care deeply for the planet. They’re rejecting their digital dependence and taking things offline, so be sure to cater for their needs.

We introduced Premium WordPress Hosting.

As the world’s favourite content management system, WordPress underpins over 60 million global websites. For the past decade we’ve made it our business to be experts in all things WordPress, and in October 2015 we introduced tailored Premium WordPress Hosting to our services offering. Designed and maintained specifically for WordPress users, Premium WordPress Hosting gives you access to exclusive premium templates, a fully optimised environment and built in security. Find out more here.

Mobile browsing overtook desktop.

It’s official as of this year: more of us are surfing the web via our smartphones and mobile devices than on static desktop computers. Mobilegeddon occurred earlier this year, and for businesses the world over it meant disruption as Google began to penalise websites which weren’t fully optimised for mobile and desktop site visitors. With the holidays approaching the timing has never been a better to take your website mobile, if you haven’t already. Mobile sales are expected to soar over the coming month, as people choose to stay indoors and do their shopping from the comfort of their own homes. Are you ready to accommodate their needs?

We hope your 2015 has been prosperous, and without downtime! For bespoke online services for businesses large and small, check out our website! Happy holidays!

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