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Introducing the club domain name

Humans have always had a tendency to clubbed together. They even had clubs in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

These days, there is a vast variety of clubs across the UK:. There are sports clubs, social clubs, hobby clubs, supper clubs and of course, nightclubs.

The club domain name recognises this. It provides a whole new space online for like-minded people to communicate, meet and share their love for whatever they signed up to.

Who is the .club domain for?

Sports clubs: It’s estimated that there are more than 150,000 sports clubs in the UK. Rugby, football, tennis, cricket, dance, golf, hockey, netball, ultimate frisbee - the list goes on and on. A .club is an obvious choice for any one of them.

Social clubs: For every sports club in the UK, there’s a hobby or social club. There are book clubs, bridge clubs, even extreme ironing clubs. If you don’t already have a website, the launch of .club is a great opportunity to get one. Share details of your next events, post news, create an online photo album, and create a blog to attract new members.

Nightclubs:Nightclubs in particular can benefit from a .club web address. Some of the world’s most legendary nightclubs have had quirky names. Take Manchester’s Hacienda, the Pacha in Ibiza and Ministry of Sound in London. All great names, but not great SEO. The .club domain automatically puts a keyword in your web address, so you can choose a domain that’s tighter to your brand - think glitterhouse.club rather than glitterhouseclub.com.

Businesses: There are several ways a .club can benefit a business. Firstly, a .club can have an impact on loyalty. Making customers feel like they’re part of a club when they buy your product is a great way of encouraging them to do repeat business with you. Amazon is doing it with its Prime product. Prime is not a club, but the retail giant has bought a prime.club web address to make customers feel a little bit special when they opt in to the service.

Other businesses have bought .club domains to convey the exclusivity of their products and services, including real estate companies, classic car businesses, and designer fashion stores.