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Welcome to .family

Sister Sledge once sang ‘We are family. Get up everybody and sing’.

With the release of .family onto the iInternet there’s even more to sing about.

This new domain name is all about bringing people together. It symbolises ties, common interests and titanium-strong bonds.

For the nuclear .family

In the 21st century it’s common for different generations of a family to spread out around a country or even the globe. Get a .family web address and matching e-mail address and you give your brood an extra way of communicating wherever they are in world.

If you can’t get together as often as you want in the real world, cross paths in cyberspace. Create a virtual family album to share snaps, and add a message board or a blog to keep everyone updated on the latest news.

Alternatively, use a .family web address to work collaboratively on your family tree. Add your family history, upload historical photos, and add source documents so family members around the world can help with tracing the family ancestry.

For the .family-friendly business

Does your business cater to families? Are you a restaurant with a kids’ menu, a hotel with family rooms, or do you run fun events or activities for families? Tell families you’re serious about their business with a .family website and e-mail address. Ensure broods know that they’re more to your company than just a second thought.

For extended families

You don’t have to have the same genes to feel like a family. In fact, sharing a passion for the same jeans (rather than genes) is sometimes enough to build bonds between a group of people. If you consider yourself part of a tribe in any way shape or form, get yourself a .family web address.