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Who is the .host domain for

.host has been created as a virtual coat of arms for the hosting industry. The four letters are a new symbol of identity for everyone in the community - from web hosts, cloud providers, data centres and XaaS providers to industry-serving applications, forums, commentators, bloggers and research websites.

What are the benefits of a .host domain?

Shorter names - happyhost.com becomes happy.host. It’s snappier, slicker, and most of all, more memorable for your customers.

Creativity - get the website name that you always wanted rather than the one the Google algorithms said you should have. If your company is called Pink Pineapple, you don’t need to dilute the impact of your web address with extra terms designed to tickle to Google bots. Farewell pinkpineapplehosting.com, hello pinkpineapple.host.

Improved search rankings - with a .host address, your domain does the hard work for you when it comes to search rankings. The search engines no longer need to burst a blood vessel working out if you and your generic .com address are a valid part of the hosting community.

Kudos - when you’re a key player in the hosting industry your customers expect you to be on top of your game when it comes to keeping up with technology. Embracing the new era of TLDs shows that you’re ahead of the game on the tech front.

Cost effectiveness - improvements in SEO rankings mean that you could find yourself spending less on online marketing. Use the saved cash to develop other areas of your business, or just take your team out for a well deserved night on the tiles.