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The power of London

London is one of the world’s most iconic cities. Its double decker buses, red post boxes, black cabs, Beefeaters, and Queen’s Guards are famous in all four corners of the world.

This is why the .london domain name was created. It’s the online signpost for everything associated with the city and its emblems.

It’s the domain that shows you’re in the same city as the Queen. It’s the web address that locates you within one of the world’s largest financial centres. It’s the dot.com alternative that says you’ve got things in common with the globe’s leading artists, scientists, fashion designers, and entertainers.

Who is the .london domain for?

Well how long have you got? There are 8.8 million people in London, and more than 504,000 businesses operate within the city’s borders. That’s somewhere in the region of 17,000 restaurants, in excess of 6,000 gyms and fitness centres, and countless numbers of hotels, bars, hairdressers, clothing stores, tech firms and so on.

A .london domain name is suitable for each and every one of these individuals. But if you need even more persuading, the web address is especially suited to…

Restaurants. The restaurant scene in London is fiercely competitive. The capital is home to more than 60 Michelin starred eateries for a start. Then you’ve got the city’s thriving street food scene to compete with. Thanks to food trucks and foodie markets, people don’t even need to book a table to experience great tastes anymore. So why take the risk of a generic web address? Get a .london web address and get more footfall through the door.

Hotels. Want to up your chance of showing up in searches for the competitive term “London hotels”? Then get a .london web address. The same applies to persuading potential customers to click through to your site from the search results page. What would you be most tempted to click on if you were a tourist thinking about visiting the capital? Fabhotel.com or fabhotel.london?

Bloggers. There are more than 370 million blogs on tumblr alone. Common themes are beauty, food, nightlife, fashion and lifestyle. If your blog is specific to London, you can make your site stand out from similar sites around the rest of the world with a .london web address. Decrease the bounce rate by definitively identifying your blog and everything in it with England’s capital.