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Order up! Why it’s time to get a .menu

The food industry in the UK is booming. Whereas in the past Brits ate their breakfast at home, packed a lunch for work, and tucked into a home-cooked meal at night, they’re now eating out for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

Statistics suggest that one in seven people eat breakfast out every single day, ringing £76 million through the tills of coffee shops and cafes. In the evenings, meanwhile, it’s thought that most Brits eat out twice a week, spending around £280,000 on dining over the course of their lifetime.

This is why the .menu domain was created. It recognises the national love for food and gives it a dedicated space online. It creates a virtual place of pilgrimage for foodies across the country.

Who is the .menu domain for?

Restaurants, cafes, take aways: When you run a restaurant, cafe, gastropub or diner in the UK, you’re competing against 70,000 other businesses. So how do you make sure you stand out from the crowd? One way to tempt customers through your door is to make your menu irresistible. Then you need to make sure that as many people as possible see that menu. Get a .menu domain, and make it easier for customers to find your offering online.

Food trucks: Okay, street food is supposed to be spontaneous. But here’s the thing - it’s often not. Britain is a nation of foodophiles, so when many people know they’re going to a food festival, pop up market, or other foodie event, they’ll do a little bit of research before hand. Get a .menu domain and you can get customers hooked on your product before they even smell the cooking.

Caterers: Whether you cater for large functions or run chef’s’ table-style dinner parties, you rely on your menu to seal your deals with customers. Make sure there’s no denying the quality of your menus by showcasing them on a .menu website.

Event planners: Food isn’t always the be- all and end-all at events. Fireworks, live music, drinks deals, and even car parking are all equally as important when you’re arranging a big bash. However, it can be frustrating for customers if there’s no sign of the menu anywhere on an event-based website. Get a .menu domain and direct it to your food pages, and you can make sure that those who want to know what they’re eating don’t have to rummage through pages of other information to find what they’re looking for.