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What can you use a .press for?

It’s a headline hitter of a web address, forming the foundations of an official digital platform for everything related to journalism and PR.

Business: Make it easy for journalists to find the latest news about your company by creating a dedicated PR portal for your business.

Media: A .press is the digital equivalent of the press pass. It’s online ID as far as the media business is concerned.

PR Agencies: .press is the FROW of the media industry. Get your seats now.

Opinions: Use a .press website as the modern version of the printing press and get your opinions and comments broadcast in the most direct way possible.

All domains come with...


Whether you’re a blogger or a business, you can shine a spotlight on what you do with your online presence.


Set-up emails that mirror your brand identity and are more memorable for customers.

Brand Protection

Put your brand or business on a pedestal by finding a web address that no one else has. Then snap-up similar domain names to deter copycats.

Online Shop

Expand your physical shop floor without the building work or higher rents.

CV and Portfolio

Show-off infront of an audience of 2.5 billion Internet users.

Business Card

Set the stage for your upcoming business or blog by getting a web address to add to networking cards and paperwork.

Save it for Later

Make that valuable name your own to use or sell later on.

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