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Keep Calm And Work On With .UK

Short, sharp and to the point. .uk is the new web address for the United Kingdom. The more memorable and easier-to-remember alternative to, it’s the online equivalent of red post boxes, double decker buses and fish and chips in paper beside a slightly stormy seaside. It’s the best way of telling your customers where you’re based.

The sale of .uk is a little bit different from other new web addresses. That’s because certain owners of, and web addresses will have the .uk equivalents reserved for them.


How do I get my hands on a .uk?

Strength in Numbers

If you’ve already got a web address, you’ve got a good chance of getting the equivalent .uk.

If you already own a address, registered anywhere, you won’t need to wage war against other web address buyers to be the first to get an identical .uk. Nine times out of 10, owners of web addresses will already have the equivalent .uk reserved for them. There are a few exceptions to the rule, which you can read about in the terms and conditions.

If your .uk is reserved, like most people’s will be, you can buy it for just £6.49 (For the first year). All you have to do is search for the matching .uk web address on the UK2 domain name finder page and follow the simple steps you are given.

If you already own your domains with UK2, you can click here to login directly into your control panel and view and buy all of the .uk domains that have been reserved for you.

Due to the strict validation rules that are applied to .uk domains, you'll need to transfer any domains registered with another provider to UK2 before your .uk can be registered. Your domains can be transferred for FREE and without hassle.

When you register your .uk web address, the details you register will have to be identical to the ones you registered your with. These facts need to match up on the database. If your is registered through us already, we’ll try and make it easy for you and use the same details as before.

Claim Your .uk now Existing UK2 Customers Click here

Just want the .uk?

The shorter and sharper .uk domain names is now available for new registrations.

It’s worth bearing in mind that a few of the .uk addresses will already be taken. That’s because certain owners of, and web addresses had their matching .uk’s reserved for them - it was all part of making the sale of .uk’s fair.

However, if the .uk you want is free, you can snap it up yourself for just £6.49 for the first year.


The Great British Bundle

I want a new and a .uk

The sale of .uk is a little bit different from other new web addresses. That’s because the owners of and web addresses will have the .uk equivalents reserved for them.

If you buy a new today, though, and want the .uk to match, we will pre-register it for you, so you should have first dabs on it when it goes on sale to the public on June 10.

The best bit is, both the new and .uk will cost you just £6.49 for the first year*.


*terms apply

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