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Why the .ninja domain packs a serious punch

The history of the ninja is as mysterious as ninjas themselves. Unfortunately the history books don’t have much conclusive information about their origins. Some historians believe that the first ninjas emerged in 4th century Japan, while others argue that specially trained spies did not really exist until the 15th century.

Timelines aside, everyone agrees that ninjas were the Liam Neesons of their time. That is to say, they had a very specific set of skills.

Espionage, sabotage, infiltration, assassination and guerilla warfare were all in their remit. Legend has it that some could even walk on water or make themselves invisible. On top of all this, they had some serious talent when it came to weaponry. Few people stood a chance against a ninja and his nunchucks.

Of course the word has shifted its meaning to a degree over time. If you found a ninja in your kitchen today you’d be pretty pleased. Ninja means accomplished, quick, proficient and deft. That ninja in your kitchen is probably making a killer cottage pie.

The .ninja web address was established to stand for all of the qualities above, as well as aptitude, readiness and clout. It’s the domain that takes out the competition without them even knowing you were coming.

Who is the .ninja domain for?

Champions of technology: we’re talking software engineers, coders, system admins, online security experts, app developers, website builders, game designers and so on.

Masters of the field: it doesn’t really matter what field you’re in, if you excel at something then you can class yourself as a ninja. Currently on the web you’ll find .ninja websites belonging to everyone from criminal defence lawyers to web design companies.

The super sporty: thanks to somersaults, backflips, scissor kicks and the like, the ninjas of old were seriously athletic. The sporting connotations still apply today. The .ninja domain is ideal for everyone from snowboarders to yoga teachers.