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Why get a .pet domain?

They say every dog has its day. But what about cats? Or rabbits? Guinea pigs? Parrots? And why settle for a day?

This is where .pet comes in. This web domain has been created to give pets of all kinds a new space online where they can be continuously celebrated, always appreciated and perpetually pampered.

Who is the .pet domain for?

Pet owners: It’s estimated that more than eight million cats and 10 million dogs are kept as pets in the UK. Thousands of these four-legged friends already have Twitter and Instagram accounts. Some animals have tens of thousands of followers, and social media audiences wait with baited breath to see what kind of costume Charlie the chihuahua will appear in next.

Get a .pet web address and you can up your own game when it comes to showing your pet off online. With a .pet website you can add to your social media output. Go beyond posting pictures and videos - write a blog about your pet or share recipes for the meals you’re cooking up for your right hand animal.

Pet goods suppliers: The UK spends an estimated £5 billion on pet supplies every year. Once upon a time pet owners mainly only invested in food for their pets. Today, not even feeding time is simple. Animal lovers are buying niche foods. Sales of gluten free and organic pet food have gone through the roof in recent years. Owners are not just settling for giving their animals a squeaky toy once a year, either. They’re buying everything from animal clothing to birthday cakes for their companions.

The sheer size of the market, however, means there are a lot of businesses fighting for their share. Bring your competitors to heel with a .pet domain. It’ll set you apart from the .com or .co.uk websites from the minute you appear to potential new customers in the search engine listings.

Pet services: The UK’s 57 million pets and their owners are protected by a support network of vets, re-homing centres, daycare centres, charities and insurance providers. If you’re part of one of these organisations, the .pet domain is an extra way to show you care.