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Introducing photography domain names

Nobody forgets a great photo, such as Lunch Atop a Skyscraper, for example. This black and white photo of 11 unharnessed workmen taking a lunch break on a steel girder hundreds of metres above the streets of New York was taken in 1932, but it’s still world famous today.

Then there’s Tank Man, the harrowing photo of a solitary protester standing in the way of four tanks the morning after the Chinese military forcefully suppressed protests in Tiananmen Square.

And of course one of the most enduring images of the 20th century is the black and white shot of Audrey Hepburn in her cocktail dress and tiara, taken to promote the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

Of course, you don’t have to be Henri Cartier Bresson or David Bailey to have taken an unforgettable picture. Every day across the UK, professional photographers permanently capture memories on film, like wedding days and anniversaries.

That’s why the .photography domain name was launched. It creates a new area online where photographs and their work can be celebrated. It’s the ideal domain for independent photographers, photography studios, ammateur photographers and photo sharing sites.

What are the benefits of a .photography domain?

Better branding: there’s no denying that goldlotus.photography is snappier and more on brand than goldlotusphotography.com. The .photography domain gives you the opportunity to untangle your brand name from the keywords you thought you needed in your web address when you were buying your .com.

Improved search rankings: a .photography domain tells the search engines straight away that you’re a legitimate part of the photography community. It puts a keyword into your website name naturally, so you don’t necessarily have to compensate in other areas like online marketing.

Prestige: when you’re a leader in the photography industry you naturally keep up to date with the latest trends and any developments that might affect your business - whether it’s the latest kit or newest touch up technology. Your website should be no different. Put yourself on the cutting edge with you domain name and it’ll reflect on the rest of your business.