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Why .press is hitting headlines

Whether it’s newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television channels, online news sites, journalism blogs, or all of the above, almost every country in the world has its own national press. Even Monaco - arguably the smallest country in the world - has its own publications, such as Monaco Life and The Riviera Times.

Humans have been documenting and publicising human affairs since Roman times. In ancient Rome it’s thought that bulletins on events and current affairs were carved into metal or stone, then posted in public places.

Over time, stone turned into paper, and paper was eventually put through the printing press for wider audience reach.

More recently, a huge chunk of the world’s newspapers and magazines have migrated or expanded onto the iInternet. This shift has changed the way the public accesses and reads news. They want it instantly. They want it at their fingertips.

This is why .press was established. It recognises the essential role the world’s online media plays in society and makes extra room for it online.

Who is the .press domain for?

Media: What’s wrong with .com or .co.uk? Today is the era of fake news. Hundreds of websites publish articles every day that fall short of journalistic standards, with some websites even trying to pass off complete fabrications as news. Then there are advertorials. Corporate brands are getting really clever when it comes to finding new ways of drawing attention to their products. Hiding an advertising message inside a lookalike magazine or newspaper article is an increasingly popular way of getting customers to view and buy their items. .Press has been designed to separate the wheat from the chaff. It’s the online insignia for journalism and reporting. It’s a domain under which the bona fide media outlets of the world can all unite.

Businesses: Prepare your business for its five minutes of fame by maintaining a press section on your website. Get a .press and direct the address to that area. You never know when a journalist might happen across your products or services in the course of their research and need immediate access to info or images.