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Introducing .website

Choosing a web address isn’t easy. Not least because the exact domain you want isn’t always available. There are more than a billion websites in existence in the world - that’s a billion web address names that have already been taken.

If you do find a few web names that you’d be happy to buy through a top domain seller like UK2, the next conundrum arises - how do you choose between sallysuecupcakes.com, .co.uk, or .org? Do these domains mean different things?

.website takes the headache out of picking a web address. The domain is self explanatory. It’s uncomplicated. You don’t need to do extra research before being able to understand the history or heritage of the domain.

It’s the domain for anyone who wants their website address to be streamlined, no-nonsense, and simple.

Who is the .website domain for?

The .website domain is suitable for anyone with a web address. In particular, though, it could be especially useful for…

Website designers: If you design and build websites for a living your customers expect you to be up to date with all the latest technology. The release of this new batch of Top Level Domains (TLDs) is one of the biggest developments to hit the Internet in decades. Getting a .website domain shows you’re on the ball as far as domain advancement is concerned and it will reflect well on your approach to tech throughout the rest of your business.

Businesses: If you’ve struggled to get the perfect web address for your business so far, have a browse through the available .website domain names. There’s a good chance the .website address for your business name will still be available. Take Amy’s Cafe for example. The .com domain for this is taken, and even though it’s unused, you can’t buy it off the peg. Amyscafe.website is up for grabs though. Hundreds of businesses around the world have already got the web address they always wanted thanks to .website. You’ll find everything from boutique hotels in South Africa to British aero-yoga studios with a .website domain.