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  2. Why do I need a domain?
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  1. What is
    a domain?

    A TLD (Top Level Domain) is the address used to find you on the Internet. In the same way your company’s street address is used to find your physical offices, a domain name is used to find your website.

    Let’s use our example: www.uk2.net

    1. www – means World Wide Web. Typing it before uk2, means you are accessing the Internet to search for any content that exists under uk2.net
    2. uk2 – is the name of our company and how we chose to be known on the Internet.
    3. .net – is a top level domain (TLD) also known as domain extension.
  2. Why do I
    need a domain?

    If you’re getting ready to have an online presence and want to shout out to the world about you and your business, the registration of a domain name is the first step. The domain name will identify your website.

    A domain name is mission-critical for any business, so you need to put some thought into choosing the one that fits you like a glove. We recommend that you consider the following when choosing one:-

    • Start by thinking: If you were to search for yourself on Google, what terms would you use? Your personal name? Your business?
    • Choose a few options and see which ones are available.
    • Ask a friend or family member for their opinion. Don’t take too long though, as you could go back and find that the domain name was registered by someone else while you were umming and ahhing.
    • Keep it short and simple, but also understandable and memorable. Domain names can have between 3 and 67 characters. Use them wisely.
    • Many of the existing .com TLDs already belong to someone. Don’t worry. It’s better to have an easy-to-remember domain name with a less-used extension than to have a complicated .com.
    • 2014 saw the launch of more than 700 new TLDs, from .uk to .rocks, via .ninja and .pub. There are now TLDs for almost every existing business sector.
    • With UK2’s domain registration services you can register more than one TLD and get each one directed to one single website.
      • You can buy misspelled versions of your domain name
      • Protect your brand by buying the same name with more TLDs and then directing them all to the same website.
      • We have uk2.net; uk2.com; uk2.host and uk2.hosting, all directed to uk2.net.
      • Include alternate domains for separate pages within your site; .press for news, .company for about pages, or .blog for written content.
      • Specialized domains are perfect for marketing promotions; consider a .blackfriday or .christmas for your next sales push.
  3. Exciting new
    domain extensions:

    With over 700 TLD’s released in 2014 alone, there is a new and exciting web address ending for every industry, hobby, and niche. Expand your horizons and consider creative ways to ensure that you make the most of each and every option. Use the newly released top level domains to specialise, expand, and create an easy to remember relationship with those who are important to your business and your life. It’s only a matter of time before that web address you have your eye on will be ripe for the picking!

    It’s all
    in the .family.

    The internet allows families to stay in touch from all corners of the globe. The .family top level domain is made especially for those looking to stay close, no matter how big the distance. Jones.family or ThisIsMy.family can create a place for you and yours. Use the .family platform to share pictures, memories, or even to create a family blog to help keep everyone up to date. Look forward to .family web addresses to also specialise in all things family related. Imagine the possibilities! Family vacations, family friendly venues, and family events. It’s going to be a .family extravaganza!

    Get the
    best .info

    Cite your sources directly with the release of this top level domain dedicated to information. Get the scoop, the lowdown, and nothing but the biz, from this latest web address extension. In the digital age, educating yourself in the ways of the world is at your fingertips through the implementation of the World Wide Web. No holds barred! The .info domain creates a unique experience for those who harness the power of knowledge. Use the .info domain to showcase your expertise or as a platform to gather the information you need. Anything is possible when you are in the know!

    It’s beginning to look
    a lot like .christmas!

    Snowflakes are floating and the goose is getting fat. It must be that Christmas is in the air. Ensure your name is on the ‘nice’ list this year with a site dedicated to everything Christmas. Hobbies, parties, gift swap, or sale - every reason and idea will be renowned when attached to this seasonal top level domain. Get the spirit for all things yuletide with a .christmas platform to celebrate the season! Perfect for personal or business, .christmas domains will be the gift that keeps on giving. .christmas domains are live and ready for eggnog, twinkle lights, and maybe even chestnuts roasting over an open fire.

    Set your alarms!
    It’s .blackfriday!

    Get your running shoes ready! This top level domain represents all things on sale, discounted, or clearance. Be ready to open early and control the crowds because the .blackfriday domain is here to dominate the sales records and break the banks. With over $50 billion in sales on Black Friday in 2012 in the US alone, no business wants to be left in the dust for the apocalypse of holiday sales. Dedicate a domain to this monumental event especially for Black Friday events. Be sure that your business is pulling out the big guns to ensure .blackfriday success!

    the .media!

    Hot off the press! The top level domain .media is here to tell it like it is! Designed for all things video, image, content, and link worthy. Break out the ace reporter you know to be dwelling in your inner psyche and join the .media craze! Art, music, film, and every subset thereof are included in this all-encompassing platform. The .media release is perfect for any freelancers, hobbyist, or specialists looking to showcase their hottest media to the world. Get your own .media web address today!

    Pour yourself
    a .beer

    Pop the top on the next big thing in barley brews, brewskies, and cold ones across the globe. This new top level domain has the hops, and the yeast, and the barley. It’s brewed especially for your delicate palette for all things ale and stout. As a half a billion dollar a year industry, it is only fitting that beer should be privy to its very own domain extension. This top level domain is available to all groups and individuals. This means that .beer is perfect for your business, restaurant, or the home brewery you want to share with the world. The only question remaining is where you’re going to get all the peanuts to go with your custom .beer web page!


    Do you coupon? How about super save? Does your company have amazing deals you need to sing from the mountain tops? Then this top level domain is for you. Make your dollar stretch with a .deals web address ending. This extension is available for any promotion, sale, clearance, event, or raffle… As long as it’s a HOT DEAL! Register your own .deal domain to lead customers directly to all the saving you have to offer.

    Are you
    a .ninja?

    Do you: Consider yourself an expert? Wear black? Perform astonishing feats every day? Showcase an amazing set of skills? Of course you do! You are a .ninja! This top level domain is just for you! The .ninja extension is the latest and greatest for anyone who is looking for a domain with attitude. Chop and kick your way into the best website a ninja such as yourself has to offer. The .ninja web address ending is perfect for blogs, wikis, and even personal promotion sites. Register as a .ninja today to build the perfect website for all that ninjas fight and stand for!


    It has always been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but how many words can you fit into a .photography domain? Answer: as many as you want! With a .photography web address you can crop, paint, and edit your way into photographic history. Showcase your personal photography for family and friends or promote your business to the fullest with all the perks and creativity that .photography has to offer. The .photography domain is perfect for freelancers who need to add attention to their business and works great for businesses adding to an existing website. The .photography web address ending is yours to build!

    Create a website
    that .rocks!

    The .rocks top level domain is ready for everything and anything that represents you. Not only can you promote your garage band/latest recipe/favourite cat, but you can register a yournamehere.rocks domain. Nothing says confidence like putting your name out in the world attached to a web address ending announcing “Hey, I rock!” Whatever your passion is you can promote and share it across the globe with a .rocks domain. Not to mention if you just happen to be a geologist, mason, or a jeweller! You better move quickly (to best avoid moss) and get your .rocks domain today!

    Meet us down
    at the .pub

    We know you’re thinking “why should I register a .pub domain?” Prepare to get your mind blown because the .pub web address ending not only covers all things bar, tavern; and club related, but also all published and publicised material, as well. Let your creativity rule and make the most of the .pub top level domain. This domain works great for any advertising publication, public address, or individual ‘pub’ use. This all-encompassing term is taking over the web space, so be sure to claim your own .pub today!

    For all your
    special .events

    Do you have a special day planned in your future? With the .events top level domain you have the option to publicize, announce, and confirm invitations with one easy web page. Make the most of your wedding, birthday party, or corporate event with an easy to share and remember web address for everything event incorporated. The .events domains can add specificity to an existing website to encompass everything anyone needs to know about upcoming plans, meetings, conferences, etc. Don’t let your next event go unnoticed by registering your own .events domain now!

    Make the most
    of .today.

    The future is now and how better to seize the day than with a .today domain. Perfect for breaking news, daily deals, and agendas, the .today domain fits perfectly with any business or individual. Journalists, bloggers, event promoters…. The list is endless. Anyone and everyone can now access this web address ending and benefit from all that .today has to offer. Get going! Get your .today, before it becomes tomorrow!

    Are you in
    good .company?

    Big or small, domestic or international, the .company web address ending fits any business, anywhere. This domain can target those in search of your business with an easy to remember web address leading them to your .company page. This top level domain is open to the public for any business to make the most of. A .company domain can be added to any existing site or be used for the newest of new start-up business. Be sure that you have the best with a .company domain!

    Nothing beats a
    good .lawyer

    Every lawyer in the business needs a web page and how better to specify your industry than with a .lawyer domain? Not a lawyer? That’s ok because the .lawyer web address is a perfect platform for all legal forums and blogs. Design a web page devoted to the change you are looking to see in your legal system or open a discussion on the future of political science in your community. This credible and highly anticipated top level domain is exactly what you need to make the case!

    Summer in
    the .city

    In the midst of the flashing lights and heavy crowds it is easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond. Maximize your exposure and credibility with a .city domain. This web address ending is great for any business or individual who finds themselves in the big time. With more people living in cities than ever before, this domain is sure to be a hot ticket. Get your own .city domain today and become the big fish in the .city pond.

    Ride the waves
    with .surf

    The sand and sea is calling with the release of .surf top level domains. Drop in on the biggest wave in domain names for your surf related web page. This open registry web address ending is perfect for any person, group, or company looking for a platform for their .surf adventures. Having a market-specific domain can allow you to control your own exposure and gives you the edge against competitors. Don’t be a paddlepuss! Dive in and get your .surf web address today!

    Get a life
    of .luxury

    Fancy the finer things in life? This top level domain is just for you. The .luxury domain is dedicated to all things posh and plush. Whether you are an individual, organisation , or company this domain can provide a platform for all things with a distinguished taste for .luxury. This open registry web address ending can be used for blogs, websites, publications, or anything else as long as it lands you in the lap of .luxury.

  4. GEO

    Claim your allegiance to the city you live in. Show the world where you hang your hat and proud of it. The release of geographic domains allows proud residents of Los Angeles, New York City, London, Tokyo and many others to mark their territory across the globe. First dibs on these hot domains go to residents alone, keeping the local domains local. Perfect for hotels and restaurants as well as all things travel related, Geo Domains provide a virtual representation of the location they belong to.

    Far beyond any regular country code, geo TLDs create an instant location. For example, .NYC holders are guaranteed to live in the heart of the Big Apple. Create confidence in your brand by attaching your name to one of the greatest cities in the world.


    This debut TLD was one of the first cities to launch its own domain extension. Be a part of the city that is world renown as an innovation leader. Make an impact with an entire city supporting you with a .London domain.


    As the official web address for New York City, this domain creates an image of greatness. It is no secret that New York City claims to be the greatest city in the world. Make part of this greatness your own by attaching your domain to a .NYC TLD.


    What happens in Vegas is now accessible by anyone with a web connection. Be a part of the endless nights of fun with a .Vegas domain. By registering your name with a .Vegas TLD you are unlocking your unlimited access to the city that never sleeps.


    The .UK extension is an exciting alternative to the .co.uk TLD. The really exciting part is if you have already registered a .co.uk domain you have first access to the same .uk domain. Create a cutting edge image with the latest domain offered in the United Kingdom.


    Claim your European Identity with a .EU domain. Why tether yourself to one location when your reach extends across all of Europe? This extension can also act in conjunction with other geo domains for world wide access.


    With the .Tokyo TLD you have the chance to link yourself to one of the world’s largest economies. Known for cutting-edge technology, this geo domain allows you to identify with a global audience instantly. Get your own .Tokyo identity today.

    Get your own geographic top level domain today at UK2.net!

  5. History
    of domains

    Domain names all began with email. In the late 1960’s UCLA and Stanford had connected their computers with the early version of the internet called Arpanet. A few years later, Ray Tomlinson developed email addresses by separating the user name and computer name with the ‘@’ symbol. This was significant because these initial email addresses were essentially early domain names.

    Later when Arpanet computers began using TCP/IP there was an ever-present struggle to remember the long strings of numbers. Solution: Domain Name Servers (DNS) The numbers and dots would be automatically converted to user friendly domain names to direct users to the information needed.

    The use of TCP/IP allowed for the hosts to grow and the need for some sort of organisation grew along with it. Top Level Domains were created as a way to separate categories and countries. The first seven TLDs introduced in 1984 included the familiar web address endings .com, .net, and .org.

    It wasn’t until the 1990’s that the internet became commercial. Companies and individuals began registering domains as a way to communicate and run businesses. Domain names allowed individuals and corporations to have and online identity that represents what they do and who they are.

    The recent release of generic TLDs has designed a new and creative platform for domain owners to explore the creative side of branding on the World Wide Web. With new web addresses uniquely designed for industries and hobbies the opportunities are endless! Get yours today at https://www.uk2.net/domain-names/.

  6. How domains

    Domain names are user friendly representations of IP addresses. Rather than remembering you can instead remember Amazon.com. Your web browser knows the number and the domain as one in the same, you can type either option and you will be taken to the same web page. This instant miracle happens unfailingly because of a giant network chain called DNS.

    If you collate all the domain names you get a sort of internet phone book called the Domain Name Servers or DNS. This directory translates web addresses into IP addresses faster than you can blink your eye. DNS represents a protocol ruling how computers exchange information throughout the internet and private networks across the globe to route the path you have requested.

    The DNS system is a network; if one server doesn’t recognise an IP address it will ask another, and another, and if necessary another, until the web page you are searching for is found. Think of the servers as a bull’s-eye that starts with a wide circle (such as .com) and pinpoints smaller and smaller until it finds the exact web address/IP address you are searching for (such as mail.google.com with each portion narrowing the search).

    This is a simplified representation of DNS. In reality, DNS represents a vast system that is constantly pinging across the world to provide each individual with access to the entire World Wide Web.

    To learn more about DNS visit our knowledge base at https://www.uk2.net/knowledgebase/.

  7. Who are
    the registrars?


    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, better known as ICANN, maintains domain names and IP addresses on the internet. This non-profit organisation regulates the practices and procedures of the web to ensure that no two web pages hold the same space within the web.

    ICANN is also responsible for the technical coordination of DNS as well as the application, approval, and release of generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs such as .host, .NYC, and .rocks.)

    ICANN maintains the database responsible for the WHOIS lookup which displays the personal information of each domain registrant and also coordinates with domain registrants to oversee the fair use policies to protect trademarks, brands, and other domain name disputes.

    ICANN as a body does not register domain names. They do however monitor and accredit over 700 different registrars responsible for the sale of domain names. Once a registrar has completed a Registration Agreement with ICANN they must ensure that they meet all technical, operational, and financial criteria necessary to continue their relationship with ICANN.

    For more information about the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, as well as domain name registrars, please visit ICANN.org


    NOMINET is a not-for-profit organisation responsible for protecting, promoting, and supporting more than 10,000,000 domains ending in .uk (.uk, .co.uk, .org.uk, and .me.uk). Much like ICANN, NOMINET manages a WHOIS directory responsible for the personal information of each domain registrant, as well as orchestrating dispute resolution services (DRS).

    Since 1996 NOMINET has organised and supported the use of .uk domains across the globe to ensure technical standards and policy within their own accredited registrars.

    For more information on what NOMINET states, “ensuring that the internet can be force for good” please visit Nominet.org.uk.

    Without the protection of organisations like NOMINET and ICANN, every registered domain holds the potential to be stolen, highjacked, and used in bad faith. These organisations create the policies that protect our brands and trademarked information as well as protect consumers from being sold domains that don’t exist or are already registered.

    We at UK2.net follow all ICANN and NOMINET standards in order to provide the best services as well as protect our clients. Due to our accreditations from registrars we can guarantee consistency, transparency, security, as well as a ‘no-hassle’ registration process to all of our domain registrants.