At UK2, we're pretty confident you'll be more than happy with our services and support, but don't just take our word for it. Below are a diverse range of very happy customers who were only too happy to give us their feedback. Get in touch to see if we can make you equally as happy!

Reviews from Trustpilot

  • Ash Bennett


    Signed up with UK2 after being let down one too many times by my previous host. Up and running in no time with UK2. Instant web support to answer queries and help transfer my domains across. Very pleased.

  • Jeff Hawkins

    Excellent service

    I've used Uk2 for 4 or 5 years. I recently upgraded. They are reliable; offer a straightforward unfussy product; and on the one occassion I needed help were great.

  • Simone Klass

    Best In the
    Field of Excellence

    Courteous, professional and batting well above average, the benchmark by which other companies are judged.

  • Rodney Smith

    Excellent Service

    UK2 have given me simple but excellent service for well over a decade; I am not an expert and my demands are modest, but UK2 solves my problems, by voice/phone if necessary, on the rare occasions when they crop up. I don't have the experience to compare costs with other provider, but UK2 seems reasonable to me.

  • Stephen Woodbine

    Helpful, and efficient and friendly
    when need personal contact.

    The service is efficient and straightforward to use, and reliable in use.

  • David Florish

    Inexpensive Domains

    Had an account with UK2 to register my domain name, handle my email and hosting and such, for over 14 years now. Can't remember ever having had a problem with their service.

  • XUniSol

    Fast provisioning

    I needed a basic VPS to serve as a public DNS node - UK2 provided a very well priced basic guest. There was an issue choosing the VPS package I wanted, however support/sales assisted me via Chat and Email to get setup. So far, no issues - thanks!

  • Roger Tompsett

    Reliable, personal service
    for over 10 years

    I've been with UK2 for over 10 years, using many services, including server co-hosting, domain hosting, web site hosting, email services, etc. Their technical support is excellent - you can actually speak to the guy (or gal) who actually does the work. This is amazing in these days, when so many firms isolate themselves behind a web interface. I've rarely had a problem but they've been fixed quickly.

  • Richard Davies

    The best domain hosting
    service I have ever used

    The portal is easy to use. The new portal is even easier although veteran users will have to get used to not putting the period at the end of CNAME records! DNS management is also now free in the new portal.

    The support staff are brilliant and really helpful.

    You definitely can't go wrong using UK2 for managing your domains.

  • Stephano Never Had
    A Problem In 15 Years.

    I have been using for 15 years or so and never had a problem them yet.

  • Shaun Morris

    Good online support

    Had issues with trying to utilise webspace purchased but received a prompt reply to an online query explaining how to resolve them.

  • Leeds United Gifts & Souveniers

    Outstanding Customer Service

    Having purchased my domaine name from UK2 I needed assistance to redirect my domain. I received clear instructions but still needed help as I am new to this aspect of computers. UK2 staff did all that was required to redirect my domain to my website which saved me so much time and frustration. Much much appreciated and highly recommended.

  • Stephen

    Best support I have found

    Whenever I need help they are alway available or come back to you in a very short time. I am not computer literate, in fact can be a complete dinosaur but they always hold your hand and guide you through the process.

  • Gareth Lewis

    The best registration
    and hosting service bar non.

    Inexpensive, secure and efficient, there is no one out there as good. Simple and straight forward, effective and comprehensive, all round a great package.